PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event 2020: While the world is being hit hard with the historical pandemic, 2020 turns out to be a fruitful year for PUBG Mobile with the rocketing growth in terms of both revenue and number of players. To keep people who have to stay at home entertained amid the social distancing, the game developers have brought up a lot of online and offline events for players around the world including in India.

After taking the PUBG Mobile fanbase by storm with several new maps like Livik, Ancient Secret Mode and Gun Game, the game has finally spilled the beans on PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event, one of the most-anticipated in-game events over the past few months. Apart from winning special rewards, players who take part in the event also have the chance to win a limited skin. Want to know more about PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event details and rewards, let’s keep on reading!

PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event
The event got PUBG Mobile players excited as there are a lot of rare and exclusive items they can obtain.

PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event details

According to the game publisher, the PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event which was kick-started on August 18 will last till September 7. The event is all about spending UC for lucky draws. While it costs 10UC for a single spin on the first day, you will need to spend 60UC for one in the following days. Meanwhile, a 10 spin package costs 540 UC. 

If you’re hesitating about whether to spend that whopping UC on lucky draws or not, the list of prizes and tokens you might have is just beyond expectation. Check out the Wadjet Spin Event Rewards below to see what you can get from the event.

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PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event
Will of Horus set is one of the most coveted prize in Wadjet Spin PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event Rewards

The rewards which you can earn from PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event are really worth the price. In the ongoing event, the company offers a lot of exclusive goodies from car skins, gun skins, character set token coins for ancient secret temples to coupons. Here is the full list of PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event Rewards you have a chance to win:

  • Premium Crate Coupon Scraps
  • Classic Crate Coupon
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scraps
  • Lucky Coin (x1)
  • Lucky Coin (x3)
  • Lucky Coin (x10)
  • Will of Horus Helmet Skin
  • Will of Horus Headgear
  • Will of Horus - UAZ Skin
  • Will of Horus - M416 Skin
  • Will of Horus Set
List of rare and exclusive items players can win in the PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event

Apart from the much coveted items and coupons, players will get the bonus prize for reaching milestones of draw. While players who complete 10 draw milestones will get a Premium Crate coupon as a bonus, those who reach 40-draw will immediately get the Will of Horus Parachute. Here is the details of extra prizes you will get for reaching goals:

  • 10 draws - Premium Crate coupon
  • 40 draws - Will of Horus Parachute
  • 80 draws - 80 Lucky coins
  • 120 draws - 100 lucky coins
  • 200 draws - 160 lucky coins

The lucky coins you earn can be used to redeem rare items at the shop. In addition to that, it can also be redeemed for fragments to get the limited Divine Acolyte Set. However, please note that the coins and fragments will expire at the end of the event on September 7th. If you aim to earn lucky coins, please do it and exchange items as soon as possible.

It is worth to take part in the PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event?

Just like many other lucky spin event, most of the player will get some coins or coupons for taking a few spins in PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event. One a player tested the chance of getting a rare items from the event and this is what you're likely to have the most:

Coupons and coins are the prizes you're likely to get the most

However, after spending thousands UC on spinning, he fianlly won the Will of Horus Set and the Will of Horus Helmet Skin. So rare is rare. Don't expect to win some of them with just a couple of spins. Everything comes at a price.  If you're really want to own these items at any price or believe that you're favoured of the god, go ahead for it!

Hard work pay off for those who are consistent for spinning
A player finally win the Will of Horus Set after dozens of spins

Above is all you need to know about PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event. Visit our website for more interesting news about games and entertaiment.