Quantum physics and games may have nothing in common and even when trying to connect them with each other, the network community can’t find out any specific similarity. However, in recent days, the netizens have got a big surprise at a unique and even partly weird incident of a female streamer.

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Quantum Physicist
TheMidnicorn works as a quantum physicist by day and as a Fortnite streamer by night.

The streamer in this incident works as a quantum physicist by day but when the darkness covers every corner, she starts a new life on Twitch, becomes a gamer, and continues to give a lecture about scientific topics.

The main character in our story is TheMidnicorn - an account who manages to gain huge attention on Twitch with a description as below: “My name is Midna and I'm a experimental quantum physicist by day and a science communicator and gamer by night.”

Themidnicorn Science streamer

Accordingly, after completing her research work by day, Midna starts live streamings games and doesn’t forget to provide scientific lectures for her viewers. She also admits that she aims to awaken the inspiration inside gamers so that they can become scientists in the future.

Themidnicorn Stream Physics
She shares the scientific knowledge to the viewers.

It seems that live streaming games has started being recognized as an exciting solution for many knowledge vendors to spread messages and scientific knowledge to the network community. Apart from streamer Midna’s incident, Katharine Hayhoe who works as a director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University has live streamed Fortnite to talk more about climate change to the viewers.

Katharine Hayhoe
Katharine Hayhoe forms a team to stream Fortnite and to talk about climate change.

To get more specific, Hayhoe used to create and post detailed a video of an online climate science conference on YouTube. However, this video earned only 1,000 views - a tiny number - after one week. And she was shocked as realizing that her son’s video of playing Fortnite on Twitch attracted up to 10,000 views after only one day.

And as a result, Mrs. Director has started to establish the Climate Fortnite Squad with participants as scientists who are struggling against climate change. They create accounts on Twitch and spend two hours per day live streaming this game to spread this message to Fortnite lovers.

In the beginning, her team played very badly and they forgot that they needed to talk about climate change even when someone was shot. Hayhoe revealed. And sometimes, they appeared to actually play games.