Speaking of iconic game franchises of our generation, Grand Theft Auto has to be one. It was the series that many grew up with. For a while now, fans of the title have been asking Rockstar Games to port their creation onto the mobile platform. Some of them did, but we want more.

As of late, there's a rumor floating around that says the remastered version of the GTA Trilogy is making its way to mobile devices. Three iconic installments of the franchise, GTA III, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas, are getting some love treatment from Rockstar Games.

But the thing is, it's only a rumor. Or is it?

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Feature
A remastered version of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy is happening?

Possible Remastered GTA Trilogy Release For Mobile Devices

It’s hard to ignore such a rumor since Rockstar themselves have been suggesting the same over the years. same. Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, said that they’re working on “iterations of previously released titles” during an investor meeting not too long ago.

During the same meeting, Take-Two also showcased its interest in the mobile gaming industry. It's a growing market with endless possibilities. The company's free-to-play mobile games have been very successful in the recent past. Reports say that Take-Two intends to release 24 free-to-play titles between fiscal 2022 and fiscal 2024. A lot of those titles probably would be for mobile devices.

Gta San Andreas
Take-Two Entertainment is showing interest in the mobile gaming scene.

The company also took to different forums to remove a bunch of mods for their older games. All of these actions have led us to believe that the speculations regarding the remastered versions are true.

Currently, the GTA Trilogy, which started off with the release of GTA III two decades ago, is available on mobile for $4.99. However, Rockstar hasn't shown any signs that they're working on them. The game has not received a proper update since early-mid 2019. Also, if you're on newer mobile operating systems, the game won't run.

Gta Trilogy Remastered Characters
About time these characters receive their visual updates!

While Rockstar Games keep their secrets, reliable sources suggest that the remastered games will come on PC, consoles (PS/Xbox), Switch, Stadia, and mobile. Also, confirmation shouldn’t be too far away since sources have also said that the remastered game versions should be released this October/November.

You can download and enjoy the original GTA Trilogy on mobile devices. Read our full guide on how to install GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas for free.

Remastered GTA Trilogy Brings Back Nostalgia

The release of the legendary GTA Trilogy for mobile would be huge to fans of the GTA franchise worldwide. Back when they launched two decades ago, they managed to blow the audience away. Even today, they are still pretty impressive because of the gameplay, amazing stories, underlying social themes, and more. Hence, it is not hard to see why there would be demand in the market for their remastered versions.

Gta Trilogy Remastered Characters New
Stay tuned for more information.

It is not clear whether they’d be a part of the free games section for mobile devices or paid like the original ports. But, surely a lot of players won’t mind paying a little for the games of their childhood. Better, they can now even enjoy them with a device that fits into their pockets.

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