Zombie Uprising is a survival Roblox game. The game will provide you with weapons to fight off zombies. Check out this Roblox Zombie Uprising best gun list to find out the best gun to win this game here.

Roblox Zombie Uprising Best Gun
Roblox Zombie Uprising is one of the best zombie games on mobile platforms now.

Roblox Zombie Uprising is one of the hottest shooting games in India for low-end devices this year, especially on the Halloween holiday. To get familiar with the game and earn money to purchase more expensive weapons, you should invest in the right weapons in the early stage of the game. Here are the three best weapons for beginners in Zombie Uprising.

M4 - Best Carbine For Beginners

M4 is the best gun in Zombie Uprising Roblox. It's a Tier 1 Carbine weapon that costs $750. It has the 3-round burst firing mode. It has a high rate of fire of 800 rounds per minute (rpm). Its ammo capacity is 30/310. The aim time is 0.25s and the reload duration is 2.45s - 3.3s. Besides, its damage is affected by the range of fire.

  • Within the 34-meter range, its base damage is 11 HP per hit. Then, its damage per second (DPS) reaches 146 HP.
  • Over 34-meter range, its base damage is 10 HP per hit. Its DPS is 133 HP.

This gun is pretty stable with low recoil. The vertical recoil of this gun is greater than its horizontal recoil. It's pretty easy to control this weapon.

Roblox Zombie Uprising Best Gun M4
M4 is the best gun for beginners in Zombie Uprising Roblox.

PDW-R - Best Auto Gun For Beginners

PDW-R is a Tier 1 Personal Defense gun and the best loadout for Zombie Uprising Roblox. It's one of the three weapons for beginners in this game. This PDW also costs $750. Its firing rate is 750 rpm. Although its rate of fire is lower than M4, PDW-R has higher damage than M4. In specific:

  • Within the 34-meter range: its base damage is 13 HP/hit. It has a high DPS of 162 HP/hit.
  • Over 34-meter range, its base damage is 11 HP per hit. Its DPS is 137 HP.

The headshot damage equals 1.1 times the base damage. Its ammo capacity is also 30/310 and the reload duration is 2.01s - 2.92s. It's more stable than M4. Therefore, PDW-R is the best weapon for tankers and beginners.

Roblox Zombie Uprising Pdw R
PDW-R is a Tier 1 Personal Defense gun and the best loadout for Zombie Uprising.

SV98 - Best SR For Beginners

SV98 is a bolt-action sniper rifle in Zombie Uprising. It's the best choice for sniper players who have great aiming skills. Like M4 and PDW-R, this sniper gun also costs $750. In most of the shooting games, bolt-action sniper has the lowest rate of fire and highest base damage. SV98 is now an exception.

In specific, SV98's base damage is 112 HP/hit and headshot damage is doubled. Its rate of fire is 86rpm and the DPS is 160 HP. If you want to play and win with this SR, make sure that you keep a safe distance from enemies. It's fully pre-equipped, so you don't need to buy attachments for this gun. It already has a PKS-07, an Angled Grip, and a Green Laser Sight.

Practice and master bolt-action SRs with SV98.

HK 416 - Best Close-Range Gun

HK 416 is the best weapon for fraggers in Zombie Uprising. It has the highest base damage in close-range combat which is 382 HP/hit. But in mid-range combat, it's pretty weaker than the assault rifle AK-15.

HK 416 is the best weapon for fraggers in Zombie Uprising.


Both HK416 and AK-15 are tier-10 weapons that cost up to $90,000. Therefore, you need to win and save money to purchase them. Besides, HK 416 is a little more stable and easy to control despite its super high rate of fire.

If you can't afford these high-tier assault rifles now, you have many cheaper options, such as SA58 FAL, XM8, and AK-47 that cost only $25,000. Shotguns are also ideal choices for fraggers in face-to-face combat. These weapons often have high base damage but a slower firing rate than ARs.

Ak 15
AK-15 is a bit stronger in mid-range combat than HK416.

BOAR.50 - Best Bolt-Action SR

The game also has a lot of bolt-action sniper rifles and semi-sniper rifles for long-range combat. Both of them are useful and effective in long-range combat. BOAR.50 is the best bolt-action SR with the highest DPS. Its base damage is 280 HP per hit and the headshot damage doubles this number. When using this weapon, you need to keep a safe distance from zombies because bolt-action SRs often have a longer reload duration.

M82 - Best DMR

M82 is the best semi sniper in Zombie Uprising. This tier-10 weapon costs $90,000. M82 has a high DPS of 450 HP. Semi sniper rifles are more preferred in shooting games, including Zombie Uprising. Semi SRs, also known as Designated Marksman Rifles, have a higher rate of fire than bolt-action snipers. They allow players to shoot consecutive shots.

Tier-10 weapons are the most powerful guns. However, they are very expensive. Therefore, you need to kill more zombies to earn money and purchase high-tier weapons.

M82 Semi
If you prefer semi sniper rifles in this game, M82 is the best choice.

Those are the best options for beginners and pro players in Roblox Zombie Uprising Best Gun list. Invest in the best tier-1 weapons for a good start before purchasing better weapons in higher levels and more difficult challenges.

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