Inazuma in Genshin Impact has many secret caves, islands, and corners that you may haven't explored and chests you haven't got. Check out the top 5 secret chest locations in Inazuma you may miss.

#1. On Small Island - West Of Inazuma City

The first secret chest is on the small island on the west of Inazuma City. From the City of Inazuma, you look to the west, and you will spot a small island without teleport waypoints.

To reach this small island, players need to glide to this island from the high mountain cliff in Inazuma City. But it does not spawn on the ground. You need to dig the Exquisite Chest on the location in this picture.

Hidden Chest
The first hidden chest near Inazuma City is hidden under the sand.

#2. Southeast Of Tatarasuna Island

There is another hidden chest in the Southeast of Tatarasuna Island. You go to the south of the Kujou Encampment to start the Tatara Tales World Quest.

During this quest, players will unlock the Kamuijima Cannon to fire and break the barrier around Mikage Furnace. Then, the common chest will be revealed after the stone was broken. It's in the east of the teleport waypoint in the south of this island.

Hidden Common Chest
The second hidden common chest is a common chest.

#3. On The Secret Island In Fort Mumei

One of the secret chests locations that many players haven't found in the small island in the southeast of Fort Mumei.

You need to pick up four Lost Texts on Yashiori Island to open a Luxurious Chest. To collect these texts, players have to solve puzzles or eliminate enemies around these locations of Lost Texts. Then, use the Waverider to head to the secret island and unlock the Luxurious Chest in Inazuma.

Secret Island
Secret Island in the southeast of Fort Mumei has a luxurious chest.

#4. In Secret Cave - Watatsumi Island

The secret cave on Watatasumi Island is one of the top five secret chests locations in Inazuma. There is a teleport waypoint near the hidden cave to get there quickly. You need to complete the Heart of Watatsumi quest to remove the shield covering the entrance of the cave first.

From the waypoint, head north a bit and glide down. There are two bushes at the entrance of the cave. Enter the hidden cave. Find a hidden corner and break the stone to get the Precious Chest.

Open The Chest
Break the stone and get the chest.

#5. Mt. Kanna - Tsurumi Island

You can find a Thunderbird statue on Mt. Kanna on the Tsurumi island. Use the Peculiar gadget Pinion on it to reveal glowing symbols on the mountain cliff. Glide to touch these symbols that light up. You need to glide up and climb the mountain walls to approach correct symbols and touch them. After activating all correct symbols, a Precious Chest will spawn.

You should collect all these chests in Genshin Impact Inazuma to collect as many Electro Sigils as possible to upgrade the Sacred Sakura Tree. If you reach level 50 at this tree, you will get a new Sakura Tree Furnishing item in the Serenitea Pot 2.3.

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