The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria

The War Of Genesis Going To Gets New Ruins Conques
The War Of Genesis

The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria is a free-2-play MMORPG  from Joycity released a month ago. The history of this franchise is quite long and could even be traced back to the original titles in the nineties. Those games were mostly localized and never got a release in English, though, that's why The War of Genesis is the first installment in the series that made it to the West.

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Joycity's strategy

The War Of Genesis Going To Gets New Ruins Conques
New level cap and star

Anyhow, we all have to admit that one thing Joycity is very good at keeping their games updated and loaded with new contents. And they did that very same thing to The War of Genesis. Joycity has just released Ruins Conquest, a new content pack for the game. This new package uses the old Runs Dungeons, but now you can occupy and conquer them before your competitors do. The system will open them in four separated in-game regions in different stages, which gives participating guilds separate targets to achieve.

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The War Of Genesis Going To Gets New Ruins Conques
Wings of Drake

Sure, we all know that resources gathering is a big part of the game and doing this well will give you a big advantage over other guilds. And conquering the dungeons is a good way to earn amazing rewards. All the loot that the guild get will be distributed based on the contribution rate of each member. However, even if you haven't had much time to play or haven't contributed much to the guild, you still should join the Ruins Conquest because there will also be randomly distributed bonuses to all the guild's members. Aside from all that, there will also be new stories for you to play through.

Moreover, in the end-game content of The War of Genesis, together with this update you'll able to promote your heroes to 6 stars using The Secret of Hero items. You will also have the chance to get a new skin called Wings of Drake and 2 new heroes: Vishnu and Cyrano Bernstein.