Genshin Impact has a unique system that has the player swaps between characters to create elemental reactions. Because of that, characters with high defense and the ability to create shields become really useful… as they can use their abilities to support fragile DPS characters. In this article, we are going to list out the best shield users in Genshin Impact.

5 - Beidou

Out of the top 5 shield users on this list, only Beidou is Electro. Her shielding is also pretty limited - she requires the player to actively hold her elemental skill.

Beidou Best Build
Beidou is one of the most underestimated shield users in Genshin Impact

This means her shield is really limited. While maintaining it, players can’t move, attack, or switch to another character. However, this is still very useful to stall for switch when it is on cooldown.

4 - Diona

Unlike Beidou’s shield being a Hold function that requires you to channel, Diona’s shield is a passive. It would spawn automatically every time player use her elemental skill. Because of this flexibility, players can switch to another character at any time.

Diona shields, heals and provides cryo support in combat.

However, Diona’s shield does not last very long and requires constant re-activation. This could hamper your DPS. Overall, just use a character as a source of heal and Cryo - don’t rely on her shield too much.

3 - Xinyan

Xinyan is actually one of the most underestimated characters in the game. Players often assume her talents to be underwhelming, overly complicated… and even useless. It is their loss, as they are missing out on a pretty good shielder.

Genshin Impact Xinyan
Xinyan shields and deals damage at the same time.

Overall, you face crowds fairly often in Genshin, and Xinyan’s shield gets stronger the more opponents she faces. It connects with her elemental skill and protects her against Pyro with great efficiency, especially against crowds.

2 - Noelle

Noelle is probably the most versatile Genshin shield user on this list. Her elemental skill heals and applies a shield at the same time, which works wonder in preventing characters from getting killed.

Noelle, Maid Knight, is one of the best budget shield users in Genshin Impact.

Unlike most healers, Noelle is tanky. She can take more hits, dealing higher damage while stalling for your main DPS character in the process. If you need a shield and don’t have the #1 spot on this list, Noelle is the best 4 star alternative.

1 - Zhongli

Zhongli is probably the male character with the most fans in Genshin Impact. Because of this, his underpowered state on release angered a lot of them. miHoYo decided to resolve the problem by buffing Zhongli massively… and now he is the #1 uncontested best shield user in the game.

As a character, Zhongli has the highest base shield strength, with 150% damage absorption against all elemental and physical damage. This is overwhelmingly powerful and versatile. On top of that, he also has the ability to reduce elemental resistance of foes in the vicinity. This buffs some of the top DPS characters in Genshin greatly.

Zhongli Genshin
Zhongli is the best Geo character in Genshin Impact.

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