Free Fire is giving away many exclusive rewards in the Vengeance Top-Up Event. This limited event lasts until July 28th, 2020. When you do diamond top-up during the event, you will get many rare items in this game. Check out the full details of this event here with

Things To Know About Vengeance Top-Up Event In Free Fire

You always need diamonds to go shopping in Free Fire. When your wallet is empty, you need to do a diamond top-up to continue shopping. And Garena Free Fire often gives players many exclusive rewards in Free Fire Top-Up events. Recently, Garena has launched the Vengeance Top-Up Event which will end on July 28th, 2020.

Vengeance Top Up Event Infree Fire
Garena has launched the Vengeance Top-Up Event

Players doing diamond top-up during this event can get many exclusive rewards, including the grand prize Rampage M1014 Blueprint. In addition, you can receive a Death’s Backpack when you recharge 100 diamonds. Next, players will be rewarded a Conqueror of Death Bundle when they top up 500 diamonds. The grand prize, Rampage M1014 Blueprint, will be given for the one recharging 1000 diamonds.

Conqueror Of Death Bundle
You get a Conqueror of Death Bundle when recharging 50 diamonds

This event is available in the event center. After doing the diamond top-up, you go to the event center and choose the Vengeance Top-Up tab to claim rewards. Will will get all three rewards when recharging 1000 diamonds at once. There are many apps that help you do diamond top-up with great discounts or amazing rewards, such as Paytm and Games Kharido.

Vengeance Top Up Event
Check out event details here

You can also do the top-up in the game app. But it's recommended to recharge diamonds in Games Kharido because you can get double the number of diamonds you buy. It means that if you buy 1000 diamonds, you will get 2000 diamonds in your wallet. Then, you can unlock more characters and items in this game.