When Flowers Bloom Genshin Impact web event grants players lots of easy Primogems. This is a promotional event for the new character Kamisato Ayato. Check out how to complete this interesting web event and how to claim all event rewards.

I. When Flowers Bloom Web Event Genshin

The new web event 'When Flowers Bloom Genshin Impact' is available from March 25th to 30th, 2022. This web event promotes the upcoming character Kamisato Ayato in update 2.6. This web event features an interesting cultivation activity. You should learn how to play it first.

Event Lobby
Enter the Event Lobby to check out all activities and rewards.

The Web Event Gameplay

When Flowers Bloom Genshin Impact is not an in-game event. Therefore, you need to participate in this event through the link of the event. Follow these steps to join the event.

  • Click on the link and open the event lobby.
  • Click to Start the event.
  • Select Cultivation and Care to take care of the flowers.
  • Water it three times, prune branches and leaves three times, and turn over the soil three times. Players earn +1 growth point for tending the flowers and sharing the event.
  • Help Ayato tend the flowers of servants and reach Growth Progress level 9 to claim rewards.

You can check out the growth progress of the flower tree. Click on the Share button at the bottom of the event screen. When you reach Growth Progress level 4, you can start to do the event missions in the To-Do List.

Cultivate The Tree
Take care of the servant's flower tree and make sure it grows well until the flower blooms.

To-Do Lists

The to-do lists show the missions you need to complete in order to claim the event rewards. You can refresh the mission list to get the second mission set. Here are some missions in the to-do lists in the Flowers Bloom Genshin Impact web event.

  • Watch the trailer video to view the new version content.
  • Follow the official Tiktok account of Genshin Impact.
  • Go out to practice martial arts.
  • Call for Thoma and have him make the tea.
  • Start reviewing official documents Ayaka brings in.

You only need to click on the command buttons under each mission. After completing those missions, participants can claim a precious reward. When doing missions on the to-do list, you will see many familiar characters, such as Ayaka and Thoma.

Do Missions
Complete all the missions on the to-do list and meet familiar characters.

II. Flowers Bloom Event Rewards

By tending the flower tree and completing the to-do list, participants will reach Growth Progress level 9. Then, they can claim tons of amazing gifts from this web event.

  • Primogem x40;
  • Mora x20000;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x2;
  • Varunada Lazurite Fragment x3.

These gifts are essential supplies for you to prepare for the coming of Kamisato Ayato in the next Genshin Impact version 2.6. Moreover, you can claim a stunning wallpaper of Ayato for completing all event missions. These rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 5 to 10 minutes after you claim them.

Event Rewards
Claim rewards after completing all event missions and get them in the mailbox.

Bonus: Current Genshin Web Event

Apart from the When Flowers Bloom Genshin Impact web event, there is another quiz event for all players. A Thousand questions with Paimon is another available web event for Genshin Impact players to participate in, test their knowledge about the game, and earn thousands of Mora.

Thousand Questions With Paimon Liyue Answer
Join the web event 'A Thousand Questions With Paimon' and test your knowledge about Genshin Impact.

You can join this event through the link in the Special Event section in the Menu of the game. It's not the first time this quiz event is launched. But the question set for each challenge is distinctive. Players need to answer ten questions in 1000 questions about all contents of Genshin Impact, including:

  • Characters and Talents: many details in their stories and their talents.
  • Attacks and gameplay: abilities, normal attacks, names elemental skills, bursts, and talents.
  • Weapons and artifacts
  • All elemental reactions and resonances in the game
  • Food, items, and gadgets
  • Famous Locations, all domains, and Spiral Abyss
  • All enemies and bosses in Teyvat and sub-area
  • Events and other things

Each correct answer gives you 5,000 Mora. If you cannot complete the test with 10/10 correct answers, you can click on the Retry button to correct the wrong answer. If you answer it right, you still get Mora for those correct answers.

Wallpaper Rewards
You will receive a beautiful Ayato wallpaper after completing the When Flowers Bloom web event.

Those are all you need to know about the current When Flowers Bloom Genshin Impact web event and A Thousand questions with Paimon event. Just take part in these interesting web events to claim attractive gifts.

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