Is has been a month since the PUBG Mobile ban in India. The game has been removed from Indian Google Play Store and App Store. Things have all settled down. Even pro players and streamers have moved on to find other games to latch onto.

But there are still casual players who keep on playing PUBG Mobile through different means. It seems that the ban implemented by the Indian government wasn't that strict as players can still play and update the game as usual as long as PUBG Mobile is still on their phone.

23289 New Version Available
You can play PUBG Mobile after downloading the AFP update

According to many players who use Samsung and Xiaomi phones, when they press the Update button in PUBG Mobile, it directed them to their browser to download an APK file. After installing the APK file, players will be able to open PUBG Mobile and find matches normal. Players who don't have PUBG Mobile on their phone can download APK files from third-party sources to play like normal. But of course, there will be no longer events exclusively for Indian players anymore because this is the global version.

So what did the ban actually do?

It is very easy for the government if they want to block the game thoroughly so no one in India can play PUBG Mobile but they didn't. Still, while casual players can still play PUBG Mobile, the esports scene in PUBG Mobile is pretty much dead with disbanded esports teams, streamers moving to other games.

There is no way for organizations to participate in PUBG Mobile tournaments because it would be illegal. The PUBG Mobile esports scene has just taken off with more sponsor teams, better results but now all the possibilities are gone.

Pmco Berlin Finals
Teams can't participate in tournaments because it would be illegal

Indian teams are officially out of the PMPL Fall South Asia and multiple big PUBG Mobile tournaments in India such as the PUBG Mobile Campus have been canceled.

The PUBG Mobile community in India is pretty much gone now as there will be fewer and fewer players play the game without all the streamers and pro players.

Streamers have already moved on to toher games

They don't need to completely ban the game to kill PUBG Mobile in India because the game will die out gradually once the best players, influences leave.

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