The Monster Trucks full movie is a movie by Chris Wedge. By this movie, the stage director of “Ice Age” brings the audiences, especially children to the marvelous adventure of a schoolboy and his cool strange monster which he uses as the engine of his truck. In this post, you will know why The Monster Trucks full movie is a worth-watching film for the family.

1. The Monster Trucks full movie plot

The Monster Trucks movie is the story of Tripp (Lucas Till), a high school student who lived with his mother (Amy Ryan) and her police boyfriend (Barry Pepper). Tripp’s classmates mocked at him because he took the bus to go to school every day. Therefore, he always dreamed of having a car to travel everywhere and get away from his current boring life. On the weekend, he worked in a garage and collected bits and pieces of scrapped cars to make his car.

Monster Truck Tripp Till
Lucas Till as Tripp in The Monster Trucks full movie

One day, the oil-drilling site in Tripp’s town got an accident and released three strange creatures. They were smart and they lived by drinking oil. One of them found Tripp’s car and hid in there. Staying under the car, this creature realized that it could control and move the car by its limbs.

When Tripp found the monster, he was initially frightened and wanted to kill it, but then he realized that it was totally harmless. Moreover, it had a talent for speed. Tripp named it Creech and used it as the engine of his car.

It turned out that Creech and its fellow-creatures were chased by a bad group for illegal purposes. Since then, Tripp and his friend Meredith (Jane Levy) had planned to rescue these monsters. They had an interesting adventure with amazing races together.

2. Reasons why The Monster Trucks full movie is a worth-watching movie

The Monster Trucks full movie is the first live-action movie of Chris Wedge. With experiences in making 5 parts of “Ice Age”, Chris Wedge knows how to keep the developments of the movie smooth and funny. Besides, the following reasons make this film a good choice for your family to watch together:

  • The movie has significant messages

The journey of Tripp to get away from his boring life is also the journey to free himself and find his beloved people. After that, he realizes that happiness is not too far but comes from simple things beside him. Although the friendship between Tripp and Creech is not too profound, it is still a warm and heartfelt friendship. The movie also gives us a message of environmental protection and not maltreating animals.

Monster Truck Tripp Creech
The friendship between Tripp and Creech in The Monster Trucks full movie
  • The Monster Trucks full movie has the most adorable monsters

They are monsters, but they are not scary. On the contrary, they are very friendly, gentle, and adorable. Creech has a strange but lovable appearance with a head like a whale’s head, many tentacles, and the innocent big round eyes. Moreover, during the journey, Creech’s gluttony has put Tripp in many funny troubles.

Creech Monster Truck
The adorable appearance of Creech is an interesting point of The Monster Trucks full movie

To create these cute monsters, the film crew has to study many animals such as seal, whale, octopus, etc. They admit that they are really proud of their monsters.

  • The action scenes are visually satisfying

In The Monster Trucks full movie, awesome action scenes are also the reason that makes audiences satisfied. The scene of 4X4 car climbing up the wall and speeding on the roofs is very impressive. Similarly, viewers could not forget the chase at the end of the film in which 3 racing cars speed on the craggy terrain of British Columbia, Canada.

Car Racing Monster Truck
An impressive action scene in The Monster Trucks full movie

Normally, the scenes of car climbing or flying are made by visual effects. However, in The Monster Trucks movie, Chris Wedge tries to break the limit to make these scenes most real. He has also asked Spiro Razatos – a famous stunt coordinator who participates in producing Fast and Furious movies for help.

Besides, the cutting-edge visual effects and modern computer-generated imagery (CGI) technique also make The Monster Trucks full movie an amazing adventure that brings audiences many different emotions.

The movie was released in January 2017, so now you could watch Monster Trucks full movie in Hindi online, or download Monster Trucks full movie to enjoy with your family. The Monster Trucks full movie will keep you on the edge of the seat and ultimately touch your heart. Don’t forget to visit the Movie section of every day to update the latest movies and news about cinema all over the world.