Apex Legends sets itself apart from other battle royale titles on the market by introducing a roster of characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle. It’s important to understand what a character has to offer if you want to excel with him or her during your matches, so today, Gurugamer.com will be going into details about Bangalore Apex Legends, a professional soldier who specializes in combat.

1. Bangalore Apex Legends: The Backstory

According to Apex Legends Bangalore Wiki, she was born as Anita Williams in a military family where her parents, four siblings, and herself all served in the IMC Armed Forces. She soon showed her potential at a young age and quickly became a competent soldier.

Bangalore Apex Legends
Bangalore showed potential at a young age and quickly became a competent soldier

Three years before the events of the game, Anita and her brother were ambushed while carrying out a mission. Their squad was scattered, there was no way to contact the headquarter, so Anita’s brother decided to stay behind to buy time for her to escape. Now, Anita fights in the Apex Games, hoping to raise enough money to return home.

2. Bangalore Apex Legends Guide

So, with all the history of the character out of the way, let’s get to the fun part: How to win with Bangalore in an Apex Legends match. First off, let’s have an overview of her abilities, and how to properly use them:

Bangalore Apex Legends Abilities

Bangalore’s Passive is Double Time, which gives her a 30% increased speed for 2 seconds every time she takes fire while sprinting.  This is definitely one of the best Passive ability in the game, as a speed boost is tremendously useful in basically every situation, both offensive and defensive. With it, you can close quickly escape from a sticky situation, close the gap with enemies relatively safely, or reposition to flank them.

Apex Legends Bangalore
Bangalore’s Passive gives a speed boost every time she takes fire while sprinting.

The 2-second duration might seem short on paper, but in the heat of the moments, you’ll see that it’s more than enough. The ability has a very low cooldown as well, so you can trigger it multiple times in a fight. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to actually get hit to active Double Up, only to be in close proximity of a passing bullet, so keep moving! A nice trick is to strafe repeatedly (spam A/D quickly on your keyboard) while you have the speed buff, as doing so will make you a lot harder to hit.

Bangalore Apex Legends trailer

Bangalore’s Tactical ability, Smoke Launcher, launches a smoke canister at high velocity. Upon impact, it’ll explode into a wall of vision-obscuring smoke that lasts for 15 seconds. If an enemy is hit by the canister, they’ll take 10 damage as well. This ability works on a charge system: You can store up to 2 charges at a time, each use expends a charge, which refills independently every 33 seconds.

Bangalore Smoke Launcher 1
Smoke Launcher is a very versatile ability

As you can imagine, the smoke is very useful when you want to defensively reposition or revive a fallen teammate. Its true power, however, lies in its aggressive use. The two charges allow you to zone out multiple areas at the same time, disorientating enemies and overall controlling the pace of the fight.

Most of the time, it’s better to stay at the edge of the smokescreen instead of diving right in. From this position, your vision is not completely restricted and you can still see a little bit inside it. Of course, you can always use the smoke to escape if threatened.

Bangalore Apex Legends quotes

The Digital Threat sight attachment allows you to see through the smoke, and as a result, it’s something you should always prioritize getting whenever you are on Bangalore. Being able to see enemies when they can’t see you basically means you’ve already won. Similarly, Bloodhound’s Ultimate can also highlights enemies even when they are inside the smoke, so if you have Bloodhound on your team, combine the two abilities to create a very bad time for anyone who stands on your way to victory.

Your Ultimate, Rolling Thunder, rains down a missile barrage across a huge area. The missiles stay on the ground for a few seconds before exploding, dealing 40 damage each. It might sound like some kind of massively destructive nuke that you simply drop on the enemy team to obliterate them, but if that’s how you expect it to work, you’ll quickly find yourself disappointed. The missiles take very long to detonate, so the enemy can easily get out of the area and escape.

Bangalore apex legends
Bangalore's Ultimate rains down a missile barrage across a huge area

Rolling Thunder is actually more effective as a defensive tool. It basically creates a huge blockade that prevents anyone from passing through, so drop it to deter the enemy’s advance when you need to retreat. Also, the missiles do not differentiate friends from foes, so be careful not to get caught in the blast yourself, and let your teammates know before you use it too.

Apex Legends Bangalore Tips

So, now that you’ve got an idea of how to properly use Bangalore’s abilities, let’s wrap things up with some general tips and tricks on how to rock with this Legend:

First off, be aggressive. Double Time and Smoke Launcher both allow you to get out of harm’s way, so don’t hesitate to jump straight into the fray.

Secondly, the best weapon for Bangalore is an SMG or a Shotgun. This Apex Legends character is all about getting up close and personal, so something like a Peacekeeper or an R-99 will be of tremendous help to you.

Apex Legends Character Guide
The best weapon for Bangalore is an SMG or a Shotgun

Thirdly, Smokes Launcher is arguably the most versatile ability available in Apex Legends at the moment, so make good use of it whenever possible: To revive teammates, to loot enemy’s body, to reposition. Just use it!

And finally, communication is key. As Apex Legends Bangalore, you have the power to completely change the layout of a fight, but two out of her three abilities affect teammates the exact same way as they do enemies, so be sure to let them know about your intentions lest you end up putting them in a disadvantageous position.

And that’s all we’ve got on Bangalore. To sum up, use Smokes for offensive purposes and your Ultimate defensively (yes, it’s pretty counterintuitive, but that’s just how they work). And remember, practice makes perfect. All the tips and guides in the world will not help you unless you actually get out there and play her yourself, so jump into the battlefield right now and start weaving chaos and confusion among the ranks of your foes.  As a parting gift, here is a nice Bangalore Apex Legends wallpaper for a bit of inspiration:

Apex Legends Bangalore Wallpaper
Bangalore Apex Legends wallpaper