Beyond a Steel Sky is a joint project between Charles Cecil, maker of the Broken Sword Series, and Dave Gibbons, the legendary artist of “Watchmen”. It is a sequel to the 1994 cult classic adventure game “Beneath a Steel Sky”. It has just been announced by the developer, Revolution, that the game would be delayed until 2020. This game was revealed quite a while ago, back in 2012, and was later revealed to be an Apple Arcade exclusive sometime this year.

According to the developers, Beyond a Steel Sky is their biggest project to date, and because of that, more time is needed for their ultimate vision to be realized. In short, this delay is probably for them to port the game into other platforms instead of just Apple Arcade. The game would also be on PC and console, and its release would be revealed later in early 2020. Beyond a Steel Sky is going to be a cyberpunk adventure/thriller in which the player would infiltrate a fortified city under the control of a mysterious artificial intelligence. Things seem to be just alright at first, but after a while, it is clear that there is something really wrong.

The Protagonist standing in front of Union City's gate

The original game, Beneath a Steel Sky, was a point and click action-adventure in a cyberpunk setting. In that game, players would step inside the shoes of Robert Foster, an outsider that was kidnapped and trapped in the dystopian Union City. In this place, civilians inhabit and work in strange skyscrapers soaked in pollution while the corrupt and rich are safe underground, isolated from all the pollution. With only his trusty robot circuit board, Foster would have to fight to survive and figure out the truth behind his mysterious abduction.

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The inside of the walled city

Beneath the Steel Sky is currently free on and you only need a free account to access it. Interested in more of our video games related posts? Please check out this article for the top 10 best Resident Evil games.