Blacksad: Under the Skin is a 3D, adventure-mystery game set in a fiction New York city where citizens are different kinds of animals that match their personality or their role. In the game, you will play as John Blacksad, a black cat and a hardboiled investigator. John was raised in a poor neighborhood where spent his childhood running away from police. He also took part in World War 2, which granted him an amazing fighting skill and experience.

Blacksad Under The Skin Story Trailer Ps4 0 48 Scr
Our main character, Blacksad

In the 50s in New York City, the owner of a boxing club, Joe Dunn was found dead and the rising boxing star Bobby Yale of the club suddenly gone missing. This caused the club to fall into financial crisis and Joe's daughter, who is now the owner of the club, hired detective John Blacksad to find out about the missing of Yale. You, on behalf of Blacksad, will now have to solve the case. But, be careful, because everything you do will affect your relationship with other characters and the ending of the game.

Blacksad Under The Skin Hands On Ps4 Playstation 4
Blacksad will investigate Yale's disappearance

The graphics of the game is heavily influenced by the 50s with anthropomorphic characters, a dirty-realist outlook, a dark cinematic style, and jazz. Based on the original Blacksad comic series, the game has many realistic locations, drawn carefully by watercolor to give players an authentic feeling.

You can check out the trailer of the game below.

From the trailer, we can see some of the game's setting such as a boxing blub or an alley in the city of New York. Also, other than our main character, some other characters were also revealed such as Weekly, Blacksad's sidekick, a brown weasel who works for a tabloid and Smirnov, a police commissioner who helps Blacksad reach out to rich and powerful people.

Blacksad: Under the Skin is developed by Pendulo Studios and YS Interactive. The game is delayed to November 5 for PS4, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Switch.