Since it was released in 2003, Call of Duty has provided many different game titles and each of them has its interesting points. For each title, the development team also provides different weapons with different features. This post will show you the COD best weapons setup, including the best weapons in COD warzone and the best weapons for COD mobile.

1. COD best weapons: top 5 best guns in COD mobile

* DL Q33

One of the most powerful guns in COD Mobile is the deadly sniper rifle DL Q33. With a single bullet, DL Q33 can kill the enemy at once. A scope attached to DL Q33 makes its accuracy improved significantly. Therefore, it can’t be denied that DL Q33 is the top gun to choose for COD Mobile players for its range, damage, and accuracy.

DL Q33 is one of COD best weapons

* S36

The next best gun in this list is S36 – the unbeatable weapon in close range fights and skirmishes. With the fire rate of 75, this light machine gun marks its position in the list of COD best weapons. Moreover, it is very suitable for beginners in COD Mobile because of its low recoil.

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S36 Cod Mobile
S36 is in the list of best weapons for COD mobile

Players can attach the Red Dot sight for S36 to improve its accuracy, make it the real nightmare in every battle.

* AK47

AK47 is the best assault rifle in COD Mobile and also the most commonly used weapon of COD players. Its range and damage make every player who has used AK47 find it difficult to choose another weapon. The only thing that holds back the AK47 to its full potential is high recoil. So, use it with full attachment can help reduce the recoil and take you to the glory of victory on the battlefield.

Ak47 Red Triangle
AK47- the most commonly used gun in COD

* AK117

The weapon coming right after AK47 in the list of COD best weapons is AK117. AK117 has a high fire rate, accuracy, and damage but low recoil. It is a perfect choice for close-range fights. Moreover, it can hold all types of attachments, which makes it in top versatile guns. Recommended attachments for AK117 are Red Dot sight, FMJ, Foregrip, and Fast mag.

AK117 - the perfect choice for close-range fights

See more about this gun in the following video:

* UL736

It will be a great mistake if not mentioning UL736 in COD 4 best weapons. If you think that AK47 is the best gun to use in every fight, you might think again when you unlock this light machine gun at level 115. In mid-range and long-range combats, UL736 is on the top of the best weapons to choose with very high damage, fire rate, and accuracy. To make it more powerful, you can attach Red Dot sight, Quickdraw, Foregrip, and Stock.

UL736 is on the top of the COD best weapons in mid-range and long-range combats

2. COD best weapons: the best Warzone guns to use

* M4A1

Ranking the 1st position in the best Warzone guns, M4A1 is the most worth-using weapon for players in Verdansk. It has the most balanced fire rate, mobility, and damage. M4A1 is the perfect assault rifle in mid and long-range combats.

Call Of Duty M4a1
M4A1 is the most worth-using weapon for players in Verdansk

You can consult the best attachments and setup for M4A1 in the following video:


AUG is a viable option for you in close-range combat for its accuracy and range. You can easily use AUG to kill the nearby enemies as well as handling mid-range firefights without struggling. Moreover, its fast fire rate and speed permit you to sprint between threats and decimate the enemies while moving.

AUG is another one of COD best weapons

* Grau 5.56

Grau 5.56 is lightweight and maneuverable, which makes it a good alternative weapon to other assault rifles. Its range and mobility stats have beaten M4A1, and it is also better controlled and more accurate than Oden. Therefore, Grau 5.56 is a recommended gun for you to score kills quickly in the battle royale.

Grau 556
Grau 5.56 is recommended to score kills quickly


The best sniper rifle to choose when exploring Verdansk is HDR. The advantages of HDR can’t be denied: long-range accuracy, bullet 12.7x108 lighter than bullet .50 of AX50 which reduces bullet drop. That makes HDR easiest and most powerful sniper rifle and solidifies its position in the list of COD best weapons.

Call Of Duty Warzone Hdr
HDR - The best sniper rifle in COD best weapons

* Holger-26

The light machine gun is the most overlooked weapon category in COD Warzone. The range and ammo capacity make these weapons highly effective, and Holdger-26 is a recommended gun in this type. If you equip it with proper attachments, it can have tremendous accuracy. On the other hand, by removing its stock, Holger-26 can be more compact to use.

Holger 26

These are the COD best weapons list you can consult to choose when playing Call of Duty. Don’t forget to visit to update all news and information about COD and other games every day.