One of the most popular FPS titles in the world, CrossFire, is getting a movie adaptation. Based on various reports from sources, Sony Pictures is going to be the main driving force behind this movie. CrossFire, while not really as globally popular as other FPS titles like PUBG, is still numerically amongst the world’s largest online FPS (if not the biggest).

Big names in Hollywood are going to work on this movie

Looks like this movie is going to be very action-packed, as Neal Moritz, the producer of Fast & Furious series, is going to be part of this project. The script is going to be written by Chuck Hogan, who also wrote Benghazi’s 13 Hours and Prince of Thieves, which was adapted into The Town, an Oscar-Nominated Movie.

The movie division of the Chinese Giant Tencent is going to bankroll this project, along with various inputs in both financings and production. While this project was given the green light ever since 2015, Hollywood can move pretty slowly sometimes.

Crossfire has improved by a lot since its original release over ten years ago

CrossFire launched way back in 2007 and since then it has become immensely popular in Asia. While it hasn’t really been doing well in India, CrossFire has about 650 million registered users all around the world, along with 8 million concurrent players at one point. There is not much information about the more important details such as the cast, the plot or the director position. While an international release is not impossible, it is likely that they would release the movie only in Asia, where the majority of the player base is located.

Various characters in the game

In other news, SmileGate is also working on porting the game to the Xbox One, with a new version called Crossfire X. Multiple single-player titles are also on the works as well, this time by Remedy, developers of cult classic Alan Wake.

CrossFire is not the only FPS that is getting a movie adaptation. The new movie division of Activision has announced its plans of making multiple Call of Duty movie projects. Interested in more of our articles related to FPS games? Please check out this post for the top 10 best weapons in shooters.