Getting a crown is already a noble privilege, but getting a monster-eating crown is even more exciting! Crown Trick is the game that takes this concept, and it's coming to PC and PS4!

To learn more about this dangerous crown, let's see the game's trailer down here:

Crown Trick throws you into the ever-changing maze!

No man steps into the same room twice - that's what the developer Next Studio said about its self-published title - Crown Trick. Basically, this game is a dungeon crawler that throws you into the maze that changes procedurally. This means every journey you make in this dungeon is never the same.

Crown Trick Announced Ps4 5
Crown Trick features an ever-changing dungeon

While the dungeon brings a lot of replay potential to the game, its combat is the feature that attracts players. To be more specific, the hand-drawn maze will send you through various rooms with a bunch of monsters. The monsters in Crown Trick also diverse from zombies, dark mages, beasts, and even plants.

Crown Trick Announced Ps4 1
The monsters and bosses in this game are very diverse

You'll have to take them down in the synchronous turn-based combats and make your way to the next room. You can choose whatever weapons you desire, including bows, swords, staves and even guns.

Crown Trick Announced Ps4 2
You can craft and upgrade your weapons

And that's where the game shines. Crown Trick features an elemental interaction - a mechanic that affects the combats! Fire, Earth, Water, Ice, Poison, and Wind are the elemental that forms this world. They've clear advantages against one, allowing you to deal (and receive) more damages from certain abilities.

Crown Trick Announced Ps4 3
You must learn how to elements interact to survive in this dungeon

You can unlock more abilities with the help of the dangerous yet powerful crown. It can consume certain monsters, granting you new power-ups. The AoE skills are also very distinctive, and you must choose the right one to survive in this dungeon. Besides from the combats, Crown Trick also features slight puzzle-solving, where you have to learn how to use the environment to your will!

Crown Trick Announced Ps4 4
Crown Trick contains light puzzle-solving!

Expected release date and supported platforms

Overall, I think Crown Trick is a perfect title to grind at your free time. It will be available on PS4 and PC through Steam,, and Gamejolt.

The only thing that the game is lacking now is the official release date. There are even no releasing windows for the game at this moment.

However, the developer has released a free demo on its page, so we can expect the game to come out really soon!