World War II is the endless inspiration for developers to make their strategy or first-person shooting games, as we've seen a lot of good ones recently like Hell Let Loose and Land of War: The Beginning. However, not many of them support both online competitive and offline player-vs-bot play at the same time, while still keeps the harshest moment of the war times. But Days of War will change that in 2020.

The developer Driven Arts is very excited to announce that their newest team-based first-person shooter - Days of War will finally come out for PC after staying in Steam Early Access for a while. The game will go official at the end of this month, but you can already buy it now for a better price.

But before that, we invite you to have a look at its trailer to see how bloody and harsh the battlefields in WW2 is in the game:

About Days of War

According to the developer, Days of War is a first-person shooter that will bring you back to every major battlefield of World War 2 in the visually-stunning graphics. There, you'll dive into the relentless combats between the conflicting sides of the world - holding a total of 32 players.

To be more specific, there are 12 maps scattering around the world for you and your teammates to conquer. They range from Europe, Africa, and Eastern countries, so you can choose to get in the region that matches your historical tastes the most. That's where your journey from zero to hero start, and ready to wield your guns in the battle of life and death.

Days Of War Full Launch January 30 2
The fights take place in all major battlefronts

Speaking about the gun, Days of War features six classes of warriors that you can choose from. The classes are definitely not the fantasy-type but are categorized based on their roles and weapons they're wielding. To be more specific, they are the Rifleman, the Assault, the Support, the Sniper, the Machine Gunner, and the Rocket.

Of course, you can be anyone you like on this battlefield, but it's better to learn your role first in order to lead your team to victory. And of course, an FPS needs a huge arsenal of guns too, and Days of War bring you 60 different types of guns varied from the light and fast rifle to the high-power machine guns. Combined with the 6 classes, you'll have to spend days to master them.

Days Of War Full Launch January 30 1
There are six classes and 60 weapons of all types for you to choose from

Other features

To help you with learning about the game, the game doesn't force you to head straight into the competitive multiplayer mode. Instead, it features a local mode, where you can play offline with the bots in the same maps that you're going to play with other players. The mode will suit the beginner, as they can gradually improve their skills here, but if you have some problems with communicating with random people online, you're welcome here too.

Days Of War Full Launch January 30 3
You can either play it online or offline with bots

Last but not least, 12 maps is not a sheer number, but the developer still encourages you to create more via Steam Workshop. The game goes with a Map Editor which allows you to customize your own maps from scratch or from the original creations, and then share them with the community.

Days Of War Full Launch January 30 5
Create your own maps and share it with your friends

All in all, Days of Wars is a great first-person shooter with bloody body dismemberment, a variety of classes and weapons, as well as the heart-pounding fast-paced actions in the battlefields of World War II.

Days Of War Full Launch January 30 4
Days of War features bloody body dismemberment

Release date

Days of War will officially launch for PC via Steam on January 30. However, you can already dive in the game right now by purchasing the Early Access version - which might lack several key features, but will still give you the realistic WWII experiences that you're looking for.

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