Lately, we've announced you that Idea Factory International is planning to release its gorgeous JRPG - Dragon Star Vanir in September.

However, the developer can't make it in time to release this game to PC. Consequently, they've pushed back their schedule to October, and promise to bring PC players a better experience.

Nevertheless, let's watch this trailer before digging in what will be in this PC release:

Dragon Star Vanir for PC will be uncensored

Previously, Dragon Star Vanir has marked its debut with a PS4 release in June. And recognizing the potentials of this title, Idea Factory International has announced that they will expand their list of supported platforms, bringing the game to PC player.

The developer has planned to release the game through Steam in September. However, it can't keep up with this pace and decided to push back the release date to October. With that said, the developer will have one more month to further develop the game for "better optimization".

Dragon Star Vanir Delayed To October 4
The developer needs more time for further optimization

While it's certainly not pleasing to hear this news, it's not too big of a deal.

Remember, the PS4 version of Dragon Star Vanir has experienced a slight 'adjustment' on the contents to get the acceptance to get out. And with this PC release, the developer has decided to pay back for the craving ones. They'll give us a fully uncensored version, that will give players the sweetest eye candies on this game!

Dragon Star Vanir Delayed To October 6
This PC release will be fully uncensored

I don't know whether that's the main reason behind this delay or not. But that doesn't matter, as long as we can have the best experience!

Overview of the game

Dragon Star Vanir tells the story in a fantasy world, where people have a deep hatred toward witches. They have thought that witches are the ones that give birth to the dragons, so they gathered the Hunters to hunt them down.

You'll play in the shoes of a hunter - Zephy. One time, he was almost dead fulfilling his mission, and only survive with the help from two mysterious beautiful witches. In order to save him, they have to feed him the dragon blood.

Dragon Star Vanir Delayed To October 7
Zephy was saved by the witches and the dragon blood

The blood gives him new powers, but also tie his fate with the witches and the dragons. All his previous friends turn their back against him, and now he'll have to fight in the opposite frontier against the Empire and an ultimately mighty witch.

Dragon Star Vanir Delayed To October 5
Zephy and his witches harem

The specific information on the gameplay is on our last article, which you can read here. In short, Dragon Star Vanir featured turn-based combat mechanics that are quite similar to old school Final Fantasy games.

Dragon Star Vanir Delayed To October 8
The game features turn-based combat style

We will give you the latest updates when the game officially comes out. Before that, let's check the game's PC requirements below:

Dragon Star Vanir Delayed To October 2
Dragon Star Vanir PC requirements