Dune GTA Car is a civilian truck of the service vehicle variant. This vehicle appears in GTA San Andreas and GTA Online. You can purchase and customize this vehicle to keep it in your garage. Check out this guide on how to get and customize Dune GTA in 2022.

Dune Gta Car
Buy a Dune truck and have a nice business trip in GTA Online.

I. Purchase MTL Dune GTA

To have a GTA V MTL Dune in the garage, you need to buy it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. This vehicle is produced by MTL. The default version Globe Oil Livery costs players GTA$ 1,300,000. The alternative Fukaru Rally livery version costs you GTA$ 1,385,000. MTL Dune will be stored in the Pegasus Vehicle garage.

This civilian truck has two seats for a driver and a passenger. This big off-road rally truck cannot be customized. But you can customize the Dune FAV variant that looks like a buggy. MTL Dune has a top speed of 77.67 mph or 125.00 km/h which is pretty high. But once you buy this truck, you cannot sell it.

Types Of Dune
There are two types of Dune trucks in GTA Online.

How to put MTL Dune in Garage?

To put your GTA V MTL Dune in Garage, you have to do a trick. Follow these steps to put the Dune in the Motorcycle Club first. Then, you can put it in your garage.

  • Launch Online mode and go to Setting;
  • Pick Point to Point GTA in the Race Type;
  • Choose Off-road Class vehicle;
  • Then, you will get the empty Dune. Get out of the dune and climb to the top of the ramp.
  • Climb up the wall and you will enter your deep Euro Beach Clubhouse.
  • Head to the dartboard.
  • Go to the motorcycle or Faggio you want to replace with the Dune.
  • Get on the vehicle and press 'Y' to respawn.
  • Press Gas quickly when the red bar passes the last number.

You will spawn outside the clubhouse and inside the MTL Dune. Wait a short while and get out of your Dune. After that, you get back to the motorcycle club and head to the blue circle. Timing skill is very important in this job. If you don't see the Dune in the position of the motorcycle you selected before, you did the wrong timing. Just do it again until you see the Dune in the clubhouse.

After the Dune is in the clubhouse, start a new session. Make sure the Dune is still in your clubhouse when you load online. To put your Dune in one of your garages, you need to drive a motorcycle from your garages to the clubhouse. Make sure that the clubhouse is full. Then, the motorcycle will force the MTL Dune to your garage. That's the trick.

II. Buy & Customize GTA V Dune Buggy

Like the MTL Dune, Dune FAV also has two seats for a driver and a passenger. However, the Dune FAV in GTA Online can be customized. You need to purchase this car first. This car is not much more expensive than the MTL Dune. You can buy the Dune GTA buggy car from Warstock Cache and Carry at the price of GTA$ $1,130,500 while the trade price is only GTA$ 850,000.

Dune Fav
Dune FAV is a variant of the Dune vehicle.

In addition, you will receive a decent amount of weapons to make it a dangerous Dune buggy. You can equip a Grenade Launcher, a Minigun, and a Machine Gun for this car. The players can also choose to install Proximity Mines for remote explosions. After weapon customization, this Dune car can be used for combat.

There are many other customization options for the brake, bodywork, engine, horn, light, turbo, armor, livery, and more. You have to pay GTA money for these options. The price ranges from $600 to $143,000. Weapons are the most expensive options.

Dune Buggy
This off-road vehicle can be modified and equipped with weapons.

III. MTL Dune Vs Brickade

Though both of them are produced by MTL and cannot be modified or sold, the Brickade and Dune have some differences. The Brickade in GTA Online is known as a similar vehicle to MTL Dune. But it's slightly cheaper than Dune GTA Car, with $200,000 lower. Besides, it's available to purchase from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Gta Mtl
Both of them can go off-road.

In addition to price, the Brickade and Dune are also different in many physical features, such as:

  • Capacity: Brickade has 6 seats while Dune has 2 seats.
  • Special feature: Brickade is an armored vehicle while Dune is an Off-road car.
  • Weight: Brickade is 14,000 KG while Dune is 7,000 KG.
  • Model: Dune is a rally truck.

In short, the Dune GTA car is a worth-buying vehicle that can go off-road. It's light and fast enough for mountain roads. You can consider buying a Dune buggy for combat.

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