The reality is a harsh place with so many difficulties and challenges that are seemingly impossible to solve. Maybe everything will be much easier if they were monsters and we can just slaughter them to make them disappear. This upcoming ARPG Dreamscaper will give you that chance to solve your problems in life by killing monsters in your dream. You can watch the trailer of Dreamscaper below.

You will be playing as a young woman called Cassidy. Cassidy is going through a lot of hardship in her life, on top of her depression. But the way she deals with it is a little out of ordinary, by killing monsters in her dreams.

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You will wake up after finishing a dream

Every time she dreams, she is moved into a fantasy world that is full of monsters. These monsters are actually the image of her problems in real life. After you successfully survive a dream and kill all the monsters in that dream, Cassidy's life will be better. She will get to explore the city where she lives and make new friends, which in turn increases her power in her dreams.

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Bosses in Cassidy's dreams represent her worst fears

Inspired by roguelike games, you will only have one life. If you die in your dreams, you can still wake up, but you will have to start from the very beginning of your first dream. Your dream worlds are procedurally generated so you don't have to worry about playing an exact same stage over and over again.

Bosses in Cassidy's dream will represent her worst fear with attacks that are embodied with different effects such as  Fear, Negativity, Isolation, Loss,...

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You will have different abilities to face monsters in your dreams

Of course, you will have your own unique powers and abilities to deal with these monsters too such as bending time, space, releasing elemental attacks.

Dreamscaper will be released for PC (Steam) and Switch early next year. The version for PS4 and Xbox One might come later.