Franklin GTA 5 Missions - Franklin in GTA 5 is an infamous gangster in the Forum Street, one in the noisy triad in Los Santos City. In grand theft auto 5 walkthrough, Franklin and his bros got so many problems on the way to get their life goal and a heap of missions to complete. Let's see how their story unfolds!

Born into an unhappy family in South Los Santos, San Andreas, he became a racketeer and one of the Los Santos noisy triad. Franklin appears to be a notorious and daredevil gangster. But little do you know that GTA 5 Franklin also a piteous criminal who can invest anything, even his life for something that matters and for a luxurious life.

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GTA 5 Franklin

A Dark Boyhood of Franklin in GTA 5

GTA 5 Franklin was born in 1988 in South Los Santos into a low-income family. He grew up without knowing that his parents were heavy cocaine addicts. His father left his mother and him who was just a fetus at that time. After his mother’s death due to cocaine, he moved to live his grandparents in another street. Pampered by grandmother, he changed a lot. Franklin made friends with Tonya Wiggins and JB Bradshaw, became a black vandal, and joined robberies. Then, after his grandparents had passed away, he lived with his aunt Denise Clinton. In his aunt’s house on Forum Drive, he went to Davis high school with Lamar Davis but then got expulsion for attacking a teacher. At that time, he became a real gangster.

Franklin and Lamar Mission

Franklin and Lamar work for a car workshop where they get a special mission: to rob the cars and sell stolen vehicles to others. Dirty, vile, but this work gives Franklin an enormous sum of money that he is thirsty most. Appearing to be a mercenary but Franklin is also a good friend. In Repossession Mission, he resigns all services to Lamar in their motorbike robbery because all he wants is money, not the fame.

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Franklin and Lamar Mission

Main Characters' Encounter: Michael & Franklin in GTA 5

The next mission of GTA 5 Franklin is to rob the SUV they sold to a rich kid. That is the first time he meets Michael who will cooperate with him do complete the following GTA 5 Franklin missions.

After entering the garage, he meets Michael lying on a car following his adulteress wife. Michael thread to kill Franklin with a gun and asked him to speed up the car and hit the car shop of Simeon. With a small sum of money, Franklin betrays his boss and leaves him alone ill-treated by Michael. Losing the job, Franklin comes to ask Michael for help. And the next of GTA V Franklin missions is rescuing Jimmy – Michael’s son in a fierce car race.

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Marriage Counseling Mission

Then, his Marriage Counseling Mission starts. Franklin is involved in Michael’s family dramas when he has to chase the tennis trainer – Mrs. Michael’s lover to his house and destroys the house they thought to be the adulterer’s.

However, that house turns out to belong to a godfather in this city. Consequently, Michael and Franklin were hunted to kill by mafia gangs in Mexico and the USA. When demanded satisfaction of $2.5M for the damaged house, Franklin, the money thirsty, only thinks of the way to earn that big sum of money. What a joke!

The Jewel Store Job Mission

After a short separation, Michael contacts Franklin to prepare for a jewelry robbery – the next mission of this gangster. Everything happened according to their plan, and they escape on a motorbike through underground sewers in the city. After paying their debt, they share the left-over. Realizing that robbing is a shortcut to become richer, Franklin decides to join Michael’s missions to earn more and faster. However, this makes his friendships with his brothers, especially the relationship with Lamar troubled.

Cooperating with Trevor

The third protagonist in GTA V along with Franklin and Lamar, Trevor appears in a fail chaos drug trade with Lamar and the gang Stretch. Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar have a dogfight with Stretch and rebelled Los Santos.

Then, Franklin's mission is to help Trevor to avenge. The fierce battle happened on the highway when Franklin is chasing O'Neil brothers. O'Neil's car runs into the gorge, but they do not die and hide in the nearby forest. Trevor drives a helicopter and Michael uses a sniper gun to hunt O'Neil bros. The mission Predator made Franklin and Trevor get closer.

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Predator Mission

In the following GTA V Franklin missions, he would conjoin with his two “friends” Lamar and Trevor. How many problems would happen to Franklin, and how he and his friend complete their missions? Let’s follow our page to update the next stories of Franklin in GTA 5 and his friends.

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