GTA 5 is a big success of Rockstar Games. It has a lot of hidden things to explore even when you have explored the whole story and complete all missions of this game. Check out the top 5 creepy mysteries in GTA 5 that will make you get goose-flesh.

#1. The Ghost In Morgo

If you climb to Morgo mountain between 11 p.m. to 0 a.m., you will see a white ghost floating above a big stone on the top of this mountain. It's a female ghost in a long white dress with long black hair. She won't attack you but she will disappear when you get closer to her.

Morgo Ghost
The story behind the Morgo ghost is a tragic story of a young lady.

Besides, you also see the word "JOCK" in red blood on that rock. In addition, players will hear the groaning sound of this ghost when they go to the campsite on Morgo mountain foot after 10 p.m. This ghost was Jolene Cranley who died at the age of 22.

Jolene Cranley
Jolene Cranley was murdered by her husband but the killer didn't

She was murdered by her husband, Jonh 'Jock' Cranley due to some conflict in their marriage. He pushed her to fall off from the top of this mountain to kill her. John was arrested but the police had to let him out because of the lack of evidence. That's why Jolene's soul often appears there.

#2. Human Bodies Under Paleto Bay

If you go diving in Paleto Bay in the North of the map, you will see eight human bodies wrapped in nylon bags. Moreover, those bodies are tied with eight big stones under this bay. They are eight victims in the tragic serial murder case in 1999. It's one of the most creepy mysteries in GTA 5.

Dead Bodies In Paleto Bay
There are eight dead bodies in Paleto Bay.

The crazy murder - Merle Abraham is known as 'Infinity Murder'. There is very little information about his life. We only know that he resided in Sandy Shores. There is no evidence explaining why he got haunted by the number 8 and Infinity symbol.

Infinity Killer
They are 8 victims in the Infinity Killer case.

After killing 8 people, he was arrested and incarcerated in the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. He died in prison in February 2004. His house in the Sandy Shores was destroyed in the fire. This crazy murder also left many signs about his murder near his house and in the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

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#3. Bigfoot

Bigfoot is an unknown titan that looks like a giant chimpanzee with a giant body and thick fur. You will see a Bigfoot in the side quest 'The Last One'. You will control the character Franklin to help a hunter find Bigfoot. This hunter has been finding this mythic creature for nine years.

Bigfoot In The Last One Mission
You will find a Bigfoot in the side mission The Last One in GTA 5.

After investigating the wood, Franklin will capture a 'bigfoot'. But then it turns out that it was a man cosplaying this creature. It seems to be a joke but there is a secret that you can turn into a bigfoot in this game. Not many players know this trick.

To turn into a bigfoot, you need to find 7 peyote plants in GTA 5. Before that, you have to complete all quests, including 'The Last One' mission. Then, go to Clayton Canyon between 5.30 a.m. and 8 a.m. on a foggy or snowy Tuesday. After consuming 7 peyote plants, you will turn into a bigfoot.

#4. Wolf

Another creepy mystery in this game is about the Wolf. After turning into the Bigfoot, you will hear a roar. Following the sound, you will find a dead body or a tragic accident. After finding 9 victims, players will see the Wolf and have to defeat him.

#5. The Eye Of Providence

This symbol is known as a sign of the secret group 'Illuminati'. There are three places that you see this sign, including Galileo Observatory and inside the houses of Franklin and Lester. Many players believe that this sign is the key to the Mount Chiliad Mystery. It's also one of the biggest creepy mysteries in GTA 5 that most players haven't solved.

Grand Theft Auto V Chiliad Mural
The Eye Of Providence is the key to the Mount Chiliad Mystery.

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