Every week, Rockstar Games switch between three Salvage Yard Robbery missions, each involving specific vehicles you must steal. We've known for a while that there's a feature allowing players to claim these vehicles during these missions. Rockstar has recently begun using this feature more frequently.

Salvage Yard Robberies missions

Salvage Yard Robberies Gta Online

While one mission differs from the others, here's a brief list of all the robberies available this week and the cars you'll find in them:

Robberies missions Vehicles
The Gangbanger Robbery Bravado Buffalo STX
The McTony Robbery Invetero Coquette D10
The Podium Robbery Karin Boor with Liberty City vanity plate, Claimable

What is a rare Liberty City License Plate?

Fans of GTA VI and GTA III will be excited to hear that they can now drive around Los Santos with a Liberty City license plate. This iconic location in the GTA series is beloved by fans, who appreciate any reference to it. The plate features the text "Liberty City" and "State of Liberty," along with a skyline design.

Rare Liberty City License Plate Gta Online
A rare Liberty City License Plate

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How to get a rare Liberty City license plate in GTA Online

If you complete The Podium Robbery in GTA Online, you can take ownership of the car involved in that job. This is a rare event in the game. Since the release of The Chop Shop, there have been only a few instances where players could make a car their personal vehicle after completing a robbery.

This week in The Podium Robbery, you can obtain the Karin Boor with the Liberty City plate. Normally priced at $1,280,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, completing this robbery allows you to make it your personal vehicle for just $20,000. This represents a substantial discount—it's a steal!

How To Get The Liberty City Plate
Complete The Podium Robbery in GTA Online to get a rare plate.

Moreover, there's a way to further reduce the cost by half. If you own a Document Forgery office, you'll only need to pay $10,000 in GTA cash. The office doesn't need to be active; you just need to have purchased it. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire the Karin Boor if you don't already own one.

Those who have previously claimed cars and plates know that changing the plate design would cause them to lose that option. But don’t worry, Rockstar Games has addressed this in the Bottom Dollar Bounties update