The modern world of mundane often uses the power of science to explain mostly everything they found strange in their lives. However, Last Stop - the latest narrative game from the famous publisher Annapurna Interactive  - will show you why you should believe magic does exist in real life.

Last Stop tells the story through the eyes of three characters who have encountered something quite abnormally. Their paths will intertwine with each other at times, and you'll see how supernatural things have made and ruined their lives.

Below is the trailer of the game, and you can see which uncommon things will happen in their lives:

The story of Last Stop

According to the developer, Last Stop is an anthology drama that tells the settings of the modern city of London. You can already tell through the similar concept of Harry Potter, this city will have something magical in it. Specifically, Last Stop will tell the secret story of three different characters, including Donna, John, and Meena.

All of them has been going through strange things happening in their life. To be more specific, Donna is a female student who has caught a strange behavior of her neighbor: he keeps hooking up with new girls every day and bring them home, but no one has come out since then.

Last Stop Reveal Trailer 5
Donna caught something unreasonable with her neighbor

To investigate the case and (mostly) satisfy her curiosity, Donna and her friends will sneak inside her neighbor's house. And the thing they see will be their worst sci-fi nightmare: that guy has the eyes that release green beams just like robots!

Last Stop Reveal Trailer 4
Spooky AF!

The second character - John - a handsome man that has somehow switched his body with a bold father. Together, they must find out the reason behind this body swapping.

And the last one - Meena - is the girl you're looking for in your workplace. She's an extremely attractive worker who will realize if you drop an eye on her and might satisfy your lewdest dream - or ruin it! This strong girl will choke you to death to threaten you not to sexualize her anymore.

Last Stop Reveal Trailer 2
You can experience some 18+ chat in this game!

If that's not spooky enough, the game introduces a giant bird with glowing eyes at the end of the trailer, which might be the cause of the whole supernatural mess.

When will their story intertwine? Where will be their last stop?

Gameplay features

The publisher Annapurna Interactive hasn't revealed much about Last Stop is a narrative game that tells magical stories through three separated people. As their stories gradually develop, they will connect at a certain point, and revealing the whole climax of the supernatural crisis that's running their lives.

This concept is not new anymore, as we can see this kind of narrative through Quantic Dream's latest hit - Detroit: Become Human. However, it's not old either, as there are still few developers that have chosen this mechanic for their games. The only frustrating part of this is you might feel baffled in the beginning, but it can be easily covered by intriguing stories.

Last Stop Reveal Trailer 6
Three will tell better than one!

Showcasing a little more about the gameplay, the trailer has shown the dialogue-choice system which allows you to choose your own path of developing your story. Adding the cherry on top, you can also see the third-person RPG with very simple control - using a specific key combination to rolling around the place trying to be sneaky.

Last Stop Reveal Trailer 3
The action in this game is not too shabby!

Last but not least, the music in Last Stop is compiled by the composer Lyndon Holland - an award-winning composer. All of the characters are fully-voiced, making the game even more realistic and thrilling

Release date

Last Stop will launch for Xbox One and PC in 2020, but there's no specific release date yet.

The developer also teased that other consoles might get this game as well, and further information will come in the near future.