Gamers, especially Grand Theft Auto lovers, have been more than thrilled for the upcoming GTA 6 release. Is it good or bad that they now have even more reasons to be psyched? A potential map has come to the surface for the title and it shows how massive the new setting will be.

Let’s not miss all the available information about this leaked GTA 6 map.

Gta 6
Take a look at the recently leaked GTA 6 map!

Leaked GTA 6 Map is bigger than Los Santos?

GTA game series were and still remain the biggest sellers for Rockstar Games as they have sold millions and, not exaggerating, millions of copies.

Currently, grapevines have been passing the news that GTA’s new map setting is proportional to that of GTA V and comparable to the city version, Los Santos. Although a version of the new map was leaked on an accident before, fans still feel suspicious about whether it was legit as it did not have a lot of primary features compared to precedent GTA games.

Gta 6 Leak Map
Rumors have been intense about the new map.

However, we can now say more certain things about the same. Needless to say, the updated key features on the recently leaked GTA 6 map seem quite legit.

Needless to say, the new key features on the leaked map seem pretty legit.

It appears to be an island that skirts the key landmass off one coast. Take a closer look at the comparison below:

Gta 6 Map Leak
The comparison of new GTA 6 map and others.

Another bean was previously spilled that the game set was going to be the 80s. However, it was rubbished with a reliable insider confirming that it is not true and the upcoming map would be incredibly modern. Well, the leaked photos do appear quite modern to us.

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What other gamers comment

On another hand, some gamers still remain pretty skeptical whether this map is actually legit. Some even commented that they would be furious if the new map is similar to that of the last version.

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What Reddit users say regarding the upcoming map.

So far, the sole piece of confirmed news regarding GTA 6 is that the title will feature regular updates. The reason is the devs aspire to keep on improving their game post the initial release. The game that just gets better over time, sounds worth waiting for us!

With a possibly new trailer scheduled to be released this June, it is likely that we need to wait till then for the definite answers.

When will GTA 6 release in India?

GTA 6 is expected to be released in October 2023 according to leaks. Rockstar Games has been working on the game since 2021 but the actual development didn't start until 2015. But at the time, they were also working on Red Dead Redemption as well so there wasn't much progress. Many sources say that the game is currently in its early development stages.

There is currently no official information about the release date of GTA 6.

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