The publisher WayForward has announced that they will give four titles in the Mighty Switch Force! series all in a collection. It's called Mighty Switch Force! Collectionand it will come out in late July.

You can watch the announcement trailer of the collection below:

So monumental a franchise that they named a game console after it!

You definitely know which console they're talking about, right!

Mighty Switch Force Collection Coming This July 2
Do you think that's the origin of the name "Switch"?

Nevertheless, that's the exaggerated jokes from the developers, but it's not there for no reason. The series has received a lot of positive reviews with the first game - Mighty Switch Force! release back in 2011, and has been keeping up the success in three following titles.

The story starts with Mighty Switch Force!, featuring Patricia Wagon - a cybernetic officer chasing down the escaped Hooligan Sisters. The game features side-scrolling actions with a wide range of experiences: from running, shooting down enemies to solve puzzles by using the Siren Helmet.

Mighty Switch Force Collection Coming This July 1
Officer Patricia Wagon on her duty to catch the Hooligan Sister

This helmet is a very special part of the game. It allows the officer to reassigned the layouts in each level by a block from background to foreground and vice versa.

Mighty Switch Force Collection Coming This July 44
The puzzles are very creative considering the abilities of the Siren Helmet

Other following titles continued to bring the same vibes, but with enhanced graphics and adds some new play modes. The most remarkable change is in is the latest title - Academy came out in 2015, where the developers added the multiplayer mode, which supports split-screen play for up to 4 players!

And now, all of them are purchasable in an all-in-one package, with only twenty bucks! So what're you hesitate for?

What's in Mighty Switch Force! Collections

The collection includes four titles, including the Mighty Switch Force!Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive EditionMighty Switch Force! 2, and Mighty Switch Force! Academy.

This package is set to come out for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. For PC players, you can grab the game through 3 storefronts, including Steam, Humble Store and GOG. And unfortunately, there will be no physical version for you to keep as a souvenir!

You can get more information on WayForwad!