Human and giants living together seem only viable in the tales of Gulliver's Travels. However, the developer Studio Fizbin has made it possible in video games with their new title - Minute of Islands!

The developer Mixtvision has announced that the game is coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through Steam. Let's watch this trailer of the game first, and then dive in our overview below:

The story of Minute of Islands

The archipelago that you're living in used to be a beautiful one. Long ago, people and giants have been living together happily on this island. In order to protect the islands, the giants have used their advanced knowledge to build many machines.

However, that's only the story of the past. Now that the giants are nowhere to be found, the series of islands has to face serious pollution due to dangerous spores. Your homeland is on the edge of destruction, and humans' being is in danger.

Minute Of Islands Announced 2
The pollution is killing everything on the islands

That's where you kick in! You'll step in the shoes of Mo - a skillful engineer. With the help of her handy Omni Switch, she'll have to repair the mysterious antennas to keep the pollution at bay.

Minute Of Islands Announced 7
Mo has to fix the antennas made by the Giants to protect the islands

However, is that what Mo really needs? Through meeting with other strange creatures along her way, Mo will figure out that her dedication and talent might not the gift that she thinks they are.

Minute Of Islands Announced 1
We all feel empty sometimes, and Mo does, too!

While traveling on the journey on this series of islands, She will uncover the truth behind this archipelago and even the last giants living under the ground. It's the journey about learning about a people's self-conscious, and it's going to be very touching.

Minute Of Islands Announced 5
There're still some giants left under the ground

About its gameplay

The first things to mention about its gameplay is its hand-drawn visuals that resemble comic books. Playing through Minute of Islands is like reading the whole story with colorful artwork and a deep story. However, you do not just passively reading it, but also taking part in the whole journey as well.

Minute Of Islands Announced 3
You're drawing the story of your own!

Basically, the game consists of many hidden places with many details waiting for you to explore. Minute of Islands mainly focuses on puzzle-solving and platforming. There's little information on this issue, but we know that it will stick to interacting with the environment with your wand-like Omni Switch.

Minute Of Islands Announced 10
Finding all the hidden places and unravel every part of the story

Deep story, fascinating gameplay, and atmospheric soundtrack - that's enough to make Minute of Islands standing out! The only thing that this game is lacking is the specific release date. The publisher only announced that it's coming out at some times in Spring 2020, but no exact date is mentioned.

Minute Of Islands Announced 6
Mo is walking to our devices slowly, and we have to wait for a little longer