Bioware’s Mass Effect Trilogy was one of the most beloved Sci-fi Action RPG in gaming. All three titles are critically acclaimed and have received a large number of awards. However, everything has come to an end when Mass Effect Andromeda, the spin-off sequel of the trilogy hit. The game was not developed by the main studio and is more or less a train wreck, with terrible dialogues, bugs, graphical and performance problems all over the board.  

Mass Effect Andromeda's gameplay is actually the best thing about the game

After ditching Andromeda, it looks like EA is coming back to the franchise once more, with Mike Gamble, the producer of Mass Effect 2, 3 and Anthem. It is reported that the game is currently in very early development – which means fans should not expect it to come anytime soon. As the new generation of console is about to hit, it is a given that this game would be targeting next-gen platforms. 

Anthem was doomed from the start, as the Hero Shooter genre is just a passing trend

The fact that EA let Gamble leading an important project once more is rather baffling, as his previous two projects have both been underperforming. Andromeda earned the lowest rating score ever for a Mass Effect game, and Anthem pretty much died a stillbirth.  

However, maybe it is not really Gamble’s fault, as it has been revealed earlier this year that Anthem is more or less a doomed project and the guy was just there to take the fall. EA is currently trying to revive the game, with an ambitious project of “complete overhaul”. It is not clear if this drastic measure would be able to save the game from certain death, however, the only thing we can be certain about is that EA is rather in a bind at the moment.  

Dragon Age 4 would be the next Bioware game to be released

With the next game in BioWare’s timeline being Dragon Age 4, it would probably be quite some time until we are able to see the Mass Effect sequel unveiled.   

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