Outbuddies was first announced by the independent developer Julian Laufer in 2013. And since it's the work from only one man in his free time, I didn't expect it to come out soon.

However, I really did not think that it needs 6 years long for this Metroidvania action-adventure game to finally reach the public! Well, at least now we can head down to the sea and explore the city of the old god now, as the publisher Headup Games has joined hand with this project.

Below is the trailer of Outbuddies to celebrate its launch, which you can have a look before getting in our overview:

The story of Outbuddies

The story of Outbuddies takes place in a futuristic world, in which you'll take control of a maritime and adventurer Nikolay Bernstein. At one of his expenditures, an accident causes his ship to sink, and also knocks the archeologist out.

After a while, Nikolay finally gets his conscious back, finding himself 36,000 feet deep under the South Atlantic Ocean. Surrounding him now is the sunken city of Bahlam - the old city that used to belong to the Old Gods. If it's not bad enough, during his unconsciousness, he was connected to a supernatural robotic unit - the 'Buddy'.

Outbuddies Is Available Now For Pc 5
Nikolay was connected with the 'Buddy' unit without any consent

Well actually, that's the luckiest thing he has encountered. Together, the reluctant duo will search in the city to find the mystery behind his displacement and the Gods' disappearance. However, they'll have to get through tons of hostile monsters lurking in the shadowed caverns under the sea.

During their adventure, they will come across the Wozan - the mining creatures whose ancestors work as slaves for the Old Gods 5000 years ago. Now, as their rulers have gone, those poor creatures want to get back to the surface. Uncape them on your way!

Outbuddies Is Available Now For Pc 3
Unleash the Wozans from the chain of the Old Gods

Will the answer they're looking equivalent to what they've expected?

Gameplay features

As the developer Julian Laufer has mentioned, Outbuddies is the brainchild of him after taking the inspiration from many classic games such as Super Metroid, Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, and Mega Man. Hence, you can expect this game to scratch your itches of satisfying your nostalgic feelings.

To be more specific, in this game, you'll take control of the main protagonist - Nikolay Bernstein exploring five different areas in the sunken city of the Old Gods. Each of them has a lot of environmental threats, challenging puzzles and a huge boss at the end. From there, you'll have the best Metroidvania experience climbing and rolling through the map.

Outbuddies Is Available Now For Pc 6
Fight against the aggressive creatures to find the mystery of the sunken city

Further shooting the creatures down, you will be able to upgrade your gears and skills to further making progress. The adventuring doesn't end with just run-n-gun, as you'll also have to interact with the surrounding, using your hacking, telekinesis and scanning abilities. Those skills are very useful for both fighting and puzzle-solving.

And don't forget about your companion - the Buddy-unit. If you choose to invite your friend to play with you, they'll take control of this invincible machine, helping you on your way. It opens up the possibilities of team speedrunning through the whole game.

Outbuddies Is Available Now For Pc 4
This game supports two-player co-op with both keyboard and controllers

Fascinating story, beautiful and vibrant pixel-art visuals, 60FPS smoothness and controllers support, Outbuddies is very outstanding considering it's an one-man project. It's currently available on Steam now, which you can grab with the discounted price of $15.29.

This discount event will end in only 10 more hours, so you should be quick. Tomorrow, Outbuddies' price will come back to $17.99.