Dogs are very intelligent and brave creatures, and they never let their owner down. The only problem with dogs is that sometimes, they surpass their owner and throw their owners in several sticky situations taking care of their mess.

That's the message that PLAY DOG PLAY TAG wants to portray, only exaggerated it for "a little bit". This game is an insane dog racing game where the dogs will drag their owners on the street and make use of them to get their bones back.

Can't imagine how this madness can develop? See the trailer below to check for yourself:

No one can touch your precious bones!

The concept of PLAY DOG PLAY TAG is very simple. A huge brown bear has stolen all of the dogs' bones in the area, so you and the other dogs will have to chase him down to get your bones back.

Play Dog Play Tag Dog Racing Game 3
Chase down the bone thief to claim back your treasures!

The game will put you can your friends in the shoes of two to four dogs, competing against each other in a five-minute race following. The one who get backs the most bones will be the final winner. The rules is that simple, but when it comes to the real competitions, it will escalate very quickly.

Play Dog Play Tag Dog Racing Game 7
The one that collects the most bones in five minutes is the final winner

Apart from being the fastest to collect the bones, you'll also have to make good use of your best partner - your owner. To be more specific, as the human can't keep up with your pace, it's better to drag them around with you. And if you have to get through the buildings that stand in your way, just fling the ragdoll-like human to the building to destroy it to the ground.

Play Dog Play Tag Dog Racing Game 1
Dragging your owners around and swing them at your will

I don't know how hard you have to fling them, but dogs can't care that much either. The longer you charge up, the more powerful the floppy human attack will become. Life of dog owners has never been easy! You can make your "weapons" stronger by collecting power-ups on the way, which will grant you some handy abilities, such as freezing the whole ground or add fire element to your attack.

Play Dog Play Tag Dog Racing Game 2
You can see your current power-ups in the corners

You might think those power-ups are useless, but think again. If you manage to chase down the bear thief, you can swing the human at him to make him drop more bones. Setting him on fire will grants you more bones, and turn the ground to ice will slow the thief down. It works with other dogs as well, so give them no mercy!

PLAY DOG PLAY TAG is out now on Steam

The Japanese indie game PLAY DOG PLAY TAG has been revealed at BitSummit this summer. From the first look, I've decided that I will buy the game at all costs while having no doubt that it will be a hit.

Play Dog Play Tag Dog Racing Game 4
The game previously came out at BitSummit Festival

Now, the game is available for purchase on Steam, and its price is much cheaper than I've thought. You can buy a copy with only $4.99, and you can invite three more friends to your house to enjoy chasing bones. Keep in mind that PLAY DOG PLAY TAG requires a controller for each player, so prepare some as well.

Play Dog Play Tag Dog Racing Game 6
Four players mean four controllers!

The game is still in its Early Access state, so there might be several minor glitches. If you experience any, don't forget to report it to the developer so they can further polish your product.