Are you having a PS4 at your house and feel proud of it? In case you want to up your gaming experience to a whole new level, here are some of the best PS4 tips you could possibly use!

More & more storage, please!

The basic PS4 console has a size of roughly 500 GB. To be honest, that’s barely enough for just a casual gamer, let alone hardcore ones. To deal with that, simply purchase a better HDD, or invest in a decent SSD inside. Of course the price will be expensive, but for faster boot speed and loading time, it’s definitely worth it.

The more storage the better!

In case you don’t want to spend big bucks, get an SSHD or a 7200RPM HDD then. Those alternatives still work great at a lower cost that won’t hurt your wallet.

Never overlook DualShock 4

Kontrolfreek DS4 Destiny 2 PS4
Don't overlook your DualShock 4.

Dualshock 4, or DS4 is extremely important for your consoles. After playing games for a while, the analog sticks on the controller will start to wear out. You really should deal with this before it gets completely bald.

Thumb grips are the most feasible options to protect your DS4. They aren’t expensive, they come in different styles and price that you won’t have any problems choosing one. At the same time, you can totally get a case for your DS4. For players with sweaty hands, silicone case is the best option.

Overall, these protections won’t cost you much but they will significantly prolong the durability of your DS4.

Spring cleaning time!

Clean your PS4 from inside-out.

Just like your working desk, your car, your room, your PS4 console definitely needs cleaning sessions. From the outside, it might seem clean and “okay” to your eyes. However, the dirt inside may harm your console without you knowing about.

While cleaning the console, focus on the fan and the vents. And if you’re not confident to do this by yourself, visit a shop to get it done is also viable.

Sharing means caring

Sharing accounts will drastically reduce your cost.

Sharing accounts will save you money! Having another person to share an account or a game will reduce the cost of that game to half. Furthermore, the PS Plus Subscription is also shareable by this method, which adds even more to your savings.

In summary, the above tips will both keep your consoles healthy and your wallet happy. Share with us your own methods of doing so and stay tuned for more PS4 tips in the future.