ScourgeBringer is a cross between the critically acclaimed Dead Cells and Celeste, with various elements taken from both titles. In this game, you would step in the shoes of a warrior called Kyhra, whose job is exploring the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

There are three weapons that you can utilize in this game: a gun with limited ammunition, a dash, and a melee attack. With these tools, your objective is to go from map to map and clear out every enemy that appears. There are a lot of enemy variants for you to fight against – two waves for each room. Exceptions exist, as there would be only one wave if the room contains a boss or sub-boss.

Fighting against a sub-boss

Enemy designs vary – some crawl on the walls, some fly in unpredictable directions, some zip around… and most of them shoot projectiles. You have to scan the area quickly every time you enter a room and instantly get into battle mode.

The general combat in this game

The key aspect of combat is chaining attacks or “combo”. You have to attack constantly without stop, switching from enemy to enemy – the higher the combo, the more currency you would gain from kills. Blood is the main resource in this game, they drop from slain enemies and can be used to buy and upgrade weapons. The better you are at making combo, the faster you would progress inside the dungeons. When you die, the surplus Blood can be used to unlock skills for using in the next clear.

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A lot of options in the skills tree for you to customize

Attacking constantly might seem too frantic – but the game actually gives you enough leeways so that the combo would be more fluid. Transitions between platforms are also pretty smooth, and with enough practice, you can even speedrun the game. Playthroughs won’t be the same, however, as the dungeons are procedurally generated – they would change constantly as you play. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check out this post for the top 14 games to play while relaxing.