Star Ocean: First Departure R is actually a double remake of the original Star Ocean game. Announced a few months ago, Departure R is going to be released on the PS4 and Switch on December 5, 2019. A new trailer has recently been released – it serves as a first glimpse over how this remake would be like. Comparing to the original PSP game, this remake is quite an improvement, especially the sprites.

First Departure R is based on the 2007 PSP version, which was, in turn, a remake of the original Star Ocean from Super Famicom – first released in 1996, with publisher Square Enix and developer tri-Ace. This upcoming release would include high definition graphic contents befitting 2019 – with the games’ assets being enhanced to the maximum. However, there is a swap option if the player prefers the original First Departure visuals.

The remake would include some new features that weren’t in the original game, such as speed boost for faster field movement or a double set of voice over, from both the original game and remake.

Fluffs aside, below are some of the gameplay changes that the remake would have:

The new cast of characters

Two new companions, Erys Jerand and Welch Vineyard. The plot overall remains unchanged, but the new characters and private actions would bolster the number of endings that the game have. There would be about eighty different variants.

Full manual control of every party member – you can strategize down to each and every action instead of just set an auto combo for your party to perform. Added new passive system called Proficiency.

Star Ocean First Departure R 1
The original gameplay - remastered

Special attacks can now be linked into combo – the amount of damage dealt would be increased. Revised the MP cost and level requirements of various special arts to quicken progressions.

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