Inspired from some post-apocalyptic stories, Last Wood leaves you in an open world where you float aimlessly on some pieces of wooden rafts. Your main mission is to survive through the hard days and eventually thrive on what you have.

With pixel graphics, the game looks cute with simply portrayed characters. Items and objects here are little and cute like in the game Minecraft. You build up objects simply by drag and drop. Click on one object to choose the action you want to do.

Last Wood Survive Thrive 01
Survive the calamity among the sea

Last Wood is a survival game where you die with your health dropping too low. The game gives you 2 characters to survive through the calamity. You need to keep both of the characters alive to efficiently build up your home on these rafts. In this dangerous environment, living by yourself is impossible!

Last Wood Survive Thrive 02
You may drift into some rare islands left among the sea

Early into the game where everything is scarce, you have to settle for orange as the main source of the food supply. However, as you live on and retrieve various floating objects in the sea, many more types of food will become available. You can grow more vegetable or even learn how to build a campfire for cooking.

Last Wood Survive Thrive 03
As you play on, more stuff will become available

As you wander aimlessly in the sea, your path may cross with some survivors floating in the sea. Save them to add more people into your crew. However, beware the sea, humans are not the only creatures roaming around in the water-filled world. You may come across some fierce creatures like dangerous fish or event giant tentacles! Tornados may be as troublesome as they destroy everything in their path.

Last Wood Survive Thrive 04
Get ready to fight off hostile creatures

As you grind through the game, one day you can build your own dream home these rafts. Looking at those results is so satisfying. Last Wood is currently in Early Access on Steam. You can purchase the game at $14.99 and try this open-world survival game.