Previously released its early footages in 2015, Papetura needs four more years to go back to the lights again. Yesterday, the developer of Papertura - Peturns has released a brand new trailer for the stunningly beautiful origami game.

To be honest, if Peturns didn't release this trailer, I might even forget that this game really exists! Nevertheless, below is the trailer of the game, which you can give it a look:

The whole world in Papetura is made out of paper

Papetura has announced its crowdfunding campaign back in 2015 and managed to meet it not long after. However, even until today can't we find the specific release date of the game. Many pledgers have thought that maybe this game is a scam, but at least the developer has been making progress.

Papetura An Origami Adventure Game Unfold Its Anno
Papetura has been under development since 2015

From this trailer, Papetura is very likely to live up to what we can expect from the complete product. It takes the settings of a magical world, in which a paper creature named Pape was stuck in a flower-like prison. But one day, a little hope for Pape comes in the form of a tiny magical creature - Tura. After somehow escaping out of this imprisonment, Pape meets Tura and decide that he'll take care of it from now on.

Papetura An Origami Adventure Game Unfold Its Anno
Paper and Tura (on your left) is hiding from the dark creatures

Together, they'll make their journey to save their made-of-paper world from the dangers of the dark and flaming monsters.

About the gameplay

Papertura is a beautiful point-and-click platforming adventure. However, the thing that makes this game really standing out is the fact that the whole world comes out of paper. To be more specific, the developer has completed every detail in every level of the game through paper models.

Papetura An Origami Adventure Game Unfold Its Anno
Papetura's world is made fully from paper works

Tomasz Ostafin from Peturns has revealed that they've taken the inspiration from The Neverhood and Machinarium to makes this Papetura. Made from paper and of paper is what I can say to describe this aesthetic game.

Last but not least, the music from composer Floex also contribute a huge part in this soothing adventure. The only thing that Papetura is lacking is its official release date. All we've known so far is the game will come out for PC through Steam at some times in 2019.

Papetura An Origami Adventure Game Unfold Its Anno
The game will jump to PC at sometimes in 2019

Hence, you can wishlist it to get notifications as soon as the game comes out.