Teamwork has never been an easy task for almost everyone, and people will realize its difficulty more clearly when it comes to deadly situations. For example, a vampire hunt!

The Castle will take exactly this concept, as you'll have to form a team with a bunch of useless dudes. Without further ado, let's find out what your journey will look like:

The story of the game

The Castle takes the settings of a small town, in which evil has set its reign over. When the people living here think there's no hope, a team of fearless adventurers has packed their backpacks to solve this case.

Together, they'll make their journey to explore the secret creature living in this castle - a frightened vampire. However, the castle has more mysteries waiting for them than the adventurers expected. Thus, their adventure is going to be like no others!

The Castle Throws You In A Pixelated Vampire Hunt
The Castle features a vampire-hunting thrill!

But be aware that there are guards patrolling around the castle, so you have to be sneaky and stay away from them. Else, you'll get kicked out.

Form your own team to discover The Castle

According to the developer, The Castle is a pixelated point-n-click adventure game. In there, you'll have to choose your combination of three from seven adventurers to explore the castle.

Choose three from seven adventurers to form a crew

Each character has their own abilities, which will decide how hard your adventure will be. Some will be very useful, which can lead you to the clues quite easily. However, there are some dudes whose skills are completely useless in this vampire-hunting scenario. For example, a smart and energetic student might adapt to this scene very quickly, but what can a reporter do to hunt a vampire?

The Castle Throws You In A Pixelated Vampire Hunt
A nun can be very useful when encountering the vampire

Nevertheless, you can't quite sure how a character performs at first, so you'll have to try every combination possible. At this point, it's hard to deny that a girl who really keens on vampire fanfics is very useful.

The Castle Throws You In A Pixelated Vampire Hunt
"I'm not talking to you"

But instead of worrying about the characters' pros and cons, you should figure out how to make them work. Furthermore, the game features totally 5 endings, ranging from the easiest to the hardest. Some endings ask you to complete some weird tasks, which might only accessible with certain characters. I guess they're not useless at all.

The Castle Throws You In A Pixelated Vampire Hunt
You'll have fun trying every combination!

The Castle is already available on Steam now at the price of $5.99. Since you'll have a lot of fun exploring here and there, you should get it as soon as possible!