The Crew 2 is Ubisoft's spiritual successor of the first title in the series that came out in 2014 from the developer Ivory Tower. However, unlike the disappointment for its prequel with glitches, needlessly complicated UI and microtransactions, The Crew 2 is much more successful.

It picked up the racing fun but brought it into an open world where you can drive many more vehicles than just cars! This concept has made The Crew 2 a highly acclaimed title with a lot of recent positive reviews. And to pay some respect to supporters, the developer Ivory Tower and the publisher Ubisoft is providing a free-to-play weekend, allowing everyone to try the game without having to pay any expenses.

Furthermore, you can choose whatever platforms and storefronts you're favorable: PS4, Xbox One or PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and Uplay. While waiting for your game to load, let's see the trailer below to get what's extraordinary about The Crew 2.

Gameplay overview

If you're not familiar with this name, The Crew 2 is an online racing game that aims to "push physical boundaries". To be more specific, it will put you into the open world of  Motornation - the huge playground for the motorsports lovers sets in the US. Almost every popular location of the American was brought to this game: from the Rocky Mountains, Mississippi River to the Grand Cannon - that will all be your place to shine!

The Crew 2 Free To Play Weekend 6
Have a race at the beautiful landscapes of the US

There, you can make your dream of conquering motorsports races in every landscape you want: aerial, on the ground or on the sea. That's the special part about The Crew 2, as you don't have to stick to your car to enjoy the Motornation.

In fact, you can put your controlling skills to a test with nearly all vehicles you can find here: bikes, aerobatic planes, boats - the fun is endless in The Crew 2. With only a single button, you can switch to any vehicles you're feeling like racing with.

The Crew 2 Free To Play Weekend 2
Switch to an airplane for some acrobatic flip with one button

Let's speak more about the game's objective. The Crew 2 will give you a range of quests around the city, which most of the time you'll have to race to complete. The races will be different based on which types of motorsports families you chose to join among the three following: the Freestylers, the off-road experts and the pro racer. Each of them has their own setup as well as racing cultures, which you'll have to adapt to customize your own racing styles.

The Crew 2 Free To Play Weekend 4
Each family has its own racing codes

Last but not least, The Crew 2 an online game with several leaderboards. In detail, for every achievement, you'll mark your name on the leaderboard with your own records. It will later become the goals for other racers to break, while you'll continue your journey breaking others'. This feature encourages unlimited competitiveness and adds a whole fun of racing to the already very intriguing game.

The Crew 2 Free To Play Weekend 5
Your achievements will be the records on the leaderboards

The Crew 2 is free to play this weekend

If you're interested in this title from Ubisoft for a while, you can finally play it for completely free this weekend. The Crew 2 currently supports 3 platforms, including PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and you can enjoy your free racing on any of them. For PC users, you can try it via Steam, Epic Games Stores or Uplay - whatever you're convenient with.

The Crew 2 Free To Play Weekend 3
The Crew 2 is free to play until December 9

Additionally, players can enjoy themselves to the best to put their efforts in this free-to-play weekend, since all of their achievements will be brought to the full version if you opt to purchase later. It's also a great chance to grab The Crew 2 too since the game's price will be down for 75% to $14.99 for the Standard Edition. A free demo that will last you for 4 hours is still there to try - if you need it.

Have a nice weekend!