While GTA 4 does not have the polished gameplay of GTA 5, its story and missions made up for that. In fact, it is considered the entry with the best stories in the series, even better than GTA 5. This makes sense, as 4 is the only GTA game with story-based DLC in the whole franchise. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best missions in GTA 4.

1 - Three Leaf Clover

Three Leaf Clover is a heist mission in GTA IV given to Niko by Patrick McReary. Heists in GTA are always exciting, especially when they are not released en-masse like in GTA Online. While Three Leaf Clover is fairly simplistic comparing to GTA 5 standard, it is iconic.

Three Leaf Clover
Three Leaf Clover in GTA 4

In this mission, Niko assembles a team of himself, Packie, Michael and Derrick to rob the Bank of Liberty in Columbus Ave. At the bank, Michael holds the hostage while the other two head into the vaults to get the money. On the way out, Michael was killed and the whole bank get surrounded by NOOSE and LCPD officers. The surviving trio has to fight their way to a subway station to escape. Overall, this heist is considered one of the best missions in GTA series.

2 - I'll Take Her

I'll Take Her is a mission in GTA IV given to Niko Bellic by Gerald McReary. It is part of a mission chain, with the continuation mission "Ransom" getting unlocked afterward. In this mission, the player is tasked with kidnapping Gracie Ancelotti, the daughter of Ancelotti Family Don Giovanni. Niko performed the mission effortlessly, taking Gracie to the hideout using a car, despite her multiple attempts to grab the steering wheels.

I'll Take Her
I'll Take Her in GTA 4

Overall, this mission is fairly immersive and makes you feel like an actual dangerous criminal. That is why people consider this one of the best missions in GTA 4. Shooting hordes of randomly generated cops are dime a dozen - committing a crime like this feels much more real.

3 - Get Lost

Get Lost is the final storyline mission in The Lost and Damned, a story DLC of GTA 4. It is given by Thomas Stubbs to Johnny Klebitz and taken place right before Niko encounters Darko Brevic in the original game.

Get Lost
Get Lost in The Lost and Damned

In this mission, Johnny breaks into the Alderney State Correctional Facility to execute Billy Grey, who is trying to pin a major drug operation on him. Usually, quests require you to break people out of prison, not breaking in to kill them. Because of that, this mission is really unique and fairly fun to play - it is one of the best missions in GTA 4.

4 - The Holland Play

The Holland Play is the final mission given by Playboy X in GTA IV. In this mission, two NPCs, Playboy X and Dwayne, ask Niko to kill the other. This mission again reminds the players of the nature of GTA 4's criminal underworld: these two were friends but had no choice but to kill each other.

The Holland Play
The Holland Play in GTA 4

Players can make a safe before deciding who to kill in this mission. Both outcomes are sad, but in the first one, players would be able to get Playboy X's apartment, which also contains Claude's Outfit from Grand Theft Auto III.

5 - Dropping In

Dropping In is a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony, a story DLC of GTA 4. It is given by Ray Bulgarin to Luis Fernando Lopez. In this mission, Luis is tasked with eliminating Ashvilli, the owner of a hockey team Bulgarin wants to buy.

Dropping In
Dropping In in The Ballad of Gay Tony is one of the best missions in GTA 4.

The stealth part is probably the most enjoyable thing in this mission. Players need to silently infiltrate the building after parachuting on the roof, find Ashvilli, and kill him.

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