Skin modifications for GTA 5 give players the ability to completely alter the appearance of their characters. All of the skin mods mentioned in this article can be found on To obtain any of them, simply search for the desired mod on the site.

Please note that some of the options may require the use of AddonPeds for installation. Downloading this script modification can alleviate any confusion you may have about configuring everything correctly.

Here are the 8 best character skin mods for GTA V story mode.

1. Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy 7

It would be obvious to include a skin mod of Tifa Lockhart, one of the most iconic female video game characters ever. The model used for this mod is from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and is of high quality according to GTA 5 standards. There are several advantages to using this mod, such as well-made facial rigging, multiple costume options, and an accurate representation of the character rather than a subpar imitation. These three features are particularly noteworthy since other skin mods for GTA 5 are often inferior in comparison. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy 7, then this skin mod is highly recommended.

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Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy 7

2. HD Universe Carl Johnson

One of the most beloved characters in the Grand Theft Auto franchise is CJ. Similar to the example of Tommy Vercetti, the HD Universe version of Carl Johnson greatly improves upon the appearance of the character compared to his Trilogy counterpart. The model for the skin mod can be viewed above, and it is noteworthy that the Trilogy was released after the creation of both of these mods.

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HD Universe Carl Johnson

Fans especially those with cherished recollections of the vintage PS2 games maintain a special place in their hearts for CJ. Since his likeness was formerly frequently used in games other than Grand Theft Auto, it is always encouraging to see fans recreate him in various ways.

3. HD Tommy Vercetti

This classic character has appeared in numerous fan-made videos, including those that imagine remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. While the Trilogy disappointed many gamers, the HD Tommy Vercetti skin mod is a welcome addition to the game. Fans of Vice City will likely enjoy playing as the character once again.

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HD Tommy Vercetti

Furthermore, the ability to swim in GTA 5 adds an amusing element to the game, as players can now watch an HD version of Tommy swim. Aside from this fun feature, the model serves as a well-remastered skin that surpasses the appearance of the Trilogy version.

4. John Cena

The GTA 5 community for skin modding has a significant amount of content related to WWE, which may come as a surprise. For those who enjoy wrestling, John Cena is a well-known name. However, the reader may be more familiar with him as a meme or from his notable acting career.

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John Cena

Regardless, the John Cena skin mod for GTA 5 depicted above bears a striking resemblance to the wrestler. By changing Franklin's attire, players can use this mod to replace his character with John Cena.

5. Spongebob Protagonists Pack

Not all skin mods for GTA 5 need to be taken seriously, as this recommendation will demonstrate. Patrick, Squidward, and Spongebob are three beloved and recognizable characters that many people adore. While they appear quite large in the game, it is mainly due to how their proportions have been designed.

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Spongebob Protagonists Pack

Nevertheless, if players have ever wished to see Spongebob do something that he would never do on the show, this mod is perfect for them. Moreover, users can download other character models and create crossovers that have never been seen before.

6. Cpt. Price From CoD 4 Remastered

Captain Price is a highly important figure in the Call of Duty franchise, and fans can now enjoy his presence in GTA 5 thanks to modder MAESTRE. The modder has included the character's signature hat, which adds to his iconic appearance.

By playing as Captain Price in the game, players can experience combat missions with a fresh and unique feel. Additionally, combining this mod with other Call of Duty mods for GTA 5 can provide users with a complete Call of Duty experience within the setting of Rockstar Games.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

GTA 5 is mainly centered around criminal activities with only limited sports options available. However, fans of football can still enjoy the game by playing as Cristiano Ronaldo thanks to a skin mod created by modder NovaX 3D Modeling.

It's important to note that the mod only replaces one of the game's existing characters with the football star and doesn't allow for football-related activities or maneuvers associated with the athlete. Players can still engage in the usual activities like grand theft auto, shooting, and fighting that are available to the game's protagonists.

8. Lionel Messi (Civ/Player)

GTA 5 enthusiasts can now play as the football superstar Lionel Messi, thanks to the mod created by developer MAESTRE. This mod not only enables players to engage in the game's standard activities but also allows them to dress Messi up in the Barcelona FC jersey, hit the gym, and even play football with other modded characters.

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