Unity of Command II is the sequel of the famous strategy wargames hit, Unity Of Command, back in 2011, Unity of Command. While the original game focuses on the Stalingrad campaign on the Eastern Front, Unity of Command II pays attention to the Western Front during the Second World War. You can check out the trailer of the game below.

The game keeps everything that is great about Unity of Command while adding some new features. It introduces three theaters of World War 2: Italy, Tunisia and Western Europe. Players will be controling the armies of the UK, the US, and the Free French. Units and combat styles of each nation are not that much different, but they do have minor unique traits of their own such as specialist units, the strength of divisions, experiences, enough to make a difference in each scenario.

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Unity of Command has 2 game modes Campaign and Scenario

There are two game modes: Campaign and Scenarios.

  • Scenarios are missions where players have to complete an objective using a limited amount of troops within a limited amount of turns and time.
  • The campaign mode is like a long run on the Western Front with unit progression elements and more complex contexts.

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The game introduces Fog of War

Key features

  • Headquarters: This feature allows players to use special abilities such as Emergency Supply, Emergency Supply,...
  • Fog of War: This sequel introduces a new Fog of War feature. You can find enemies by capturing stragglers or using HQ's special abilities.
  • Dynamic Campaign: With a branching campaign, every game is unique.
  • Accessible Scenario Editor:  Player can create their own campaign using the built-in scenario editor, and share it with everyone over the Steam Workshop.

Unity of Command II is now available for PC on Steam with a price of $29.99. If you buy the game now, you will receive a 10% discount.