Rito planned for Valorant to be a competitive FPS esports ever since it was introduced. Valorant is meant to compete with CS:GO, the famous FPS title that has been around for almost 10 years and dominated the FPS esports scene. The main selling points of Valorant are high-tick servers and good anti-cheat software, which CS:GO is struggling to achieve.

Chill Valorant Cheating Stream 8 18 Screenshot
The cheater can see the positions of other players

But cheating has always been a huge problem for any FPS titles, especially the free-to-play ones. While Valorant is still only in closed-beta, the anti-cheat software of Riot, Vanguard has already given up to cheaters. The first cheater in the game appeared just a few days after the closed beta started and it was a player that reported him instead of Vanguard. Since then, more players have spotted cheaters in their game as if Vanguard doesn't even exist.

Chill Valorant Cheating Stream 2 43 Screenshot
The cheater configs his cheat software right on the stream

But cheaters are even getting more blatant by streaming Valorant on Youtube with cheat software open. In the video of the cheater, viewers can clearly see the positions of enemies and the auto-aim cheat that automatically snap into other players' heads. You can check out the video of the cheater below.

The cheater even opens the cheat software on stream to config his cheat software for everyone to see. The stream had thousands of viewers watching it.

The Vanguard software of Riot even runs when Valorant is not running and has level 0 Kernel access on your system ( meaning that the software has unrestricted access to your hardware and can harvest your personal information). Yet, it still cannot do anything to cheaters. It seems that Valorant is still very far away from being the "CS:GO killer."

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