The world of streamers always arouses the curiosity of the netizens and many streamers try their best to attract the viewers as much as possible. However, not all of them gain success as they hope. Some even ruin their careers in an eye blink after a few live streams.

Here are 5 streamers who put an end to their careers in such moments!

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There have now been about 1.69 lakh followers on her Twitch account. However, as we all know, this streamer has recently come under fire after she reportedly berated the viewers many times when they didn’t donate enough money for her. Many even said that BadBunny is amongst the greediest streamers at present.



Angel ZilianOP Hamilton is a familiar face of the World of Warcraft streaming world. The streamer with a disability was paralyzed from the waist down. But it turned out to be a big hoax. On a live stream, ZilianOP didn’t seemingly remember that the camera was still on, and he stood up and even walked off the screen.

Meanwhile, the girl ZilianOP talked to at that time kept pretending that nothing happened. However, this streamer got a ban on Twitch after the netizens shared this clip on the Internet.



Last year, Dellor was known as one of the notable streamers on social networks. He used to work as an Overwatch player and a streamer of some popular games such as Apex Legends, PUBG, and Fortnite. The number of followers on his Twitch account reached over 5 lakh.

Dellor tended to lose his control and break keyboards multiple times in the past. And in October 2019, this streamer was permanently banned on Twitch. Dellor once again started his career on YouTube and now, he has over 6.81 lakh subscribers.


FaZe Jarvis

Unlike the three above incidents, the incident of FaZe Jarvis is a bit different. His permanent ban on Twitch took place one month before Dellor’ incident. In September last year, this streamer tested a new Anti-cheat system on Fortnite by creating a new account and checking whether this popular game would give him a ban via Aimbot.

His clip rapidly went viral and it’s not surprising that he was then permanently banned on this platform. That’s why streamers should be ready for any bitter end after their even-little mistake.



Although InvaderVie’s streaming career hasn’t ended, she has kept coming under fire from the viewers, as well as other streamers across the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, InvaderVie insulted her viewers when they couldn’t donate enough money or subscribe to her. As a result, she lost up to 87k followers on Twitch. Despite her apology, a large number of netizens still don’t want to forgive her.


Streamers Invadervie

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