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A Foolish Action of the Beautiful Streamer Nambo

Every streamer has their own ways of interacting with viewers. Some prefer to talk to them, tell them stories of their personal life; while some completely ignore this to focus on gaming instead. But no one does it like the female streamer Nambo. Not only does she talk a lot, but she also creates bets with viewers to keep the dynamic and energetic vibe during the stream. 

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Nambo is a beautiful League of Legends streamer

Having played League of Legends for a long time, Nambo impresses her fans with impeccable skills and experiences, in addition to her beauty. She even made it into numerous LoL’s female tournaments in the past. And most of her bets directly connect to the game itself. Little does she know that such a habit will get her tangled with trouble and subject to a severe penalty. 

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The streamer has years of experience playing League

In a recent stream, Nambo set herself a challenge during a game: if she lost, she would do anything the viewers ask as a punishment. Unfortunately, she did lose the game and was made to do a cranky action of wearing underwear on her head by the majority of her fans. Though appeared to be not satisfied with the punishment, Nambo still kept her promise and carried it out. But as soon as she finished, a warning popped up in her live stream, and her screen turned black. Only Nambo’s not so calm voice was left to be heard. 

The moment when it started to go wrong for Nambo

For now, we still don’t know exactly how severe Nambo’s punishment will be, but it’s surely not pleasant, especially when this isn’t the first time she pulled off shocking challenges on stream. This’s also a valuable lesson for female streamers who rely on tricks to increase their viewership. They can cause counteractions and lead to tough penalties from the streaming platform.