Feng Timo is the hottest streamer in China currently. Feng earns a million Yuan from her live-streaming career every month. One of her fans even committed peculation to donate her. Not only famous in China, but Timo also has a huge community of fans outside the Chinese border.

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Feng Timo, The Hottest Streamer In China Earning Over Rs. 1 Crore Every Year

Live-stream is one of the hottest jobs in China now due to the development of the internet. And Feng Timo is of the most famous streamers in this country. Moreover, she also the highest-earning network anchor in China. As reported, Feng Timo earns around one million Yuan (over Rs. 1 crore) per month from live-streaming. Moreover, her income also comes from fans’ donations and commercials.

Her fans donate her a lot in her live-streaming. A fan, working as an accountant, even committed peculation and stole 1.6 million Yuan (nearly Rs. 1.7 crores) from his company’s capacity to donate her. It shook the Chinese internet and the beautiful streamers promised to return him this sum of money.

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She began her streaming career with League of Legends game. Although Feng does not have great skills as pro players, she has a pretty and charming appearance as well as a great sense of communication. With a beautiful voice, Feng Timo also works as a singer and has a great fandom. Last year, she held a concert.

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Feng has switched to a new streaming platform with a higher salary. In addition, in her recent 4-hour-long streaming, her fans donated her 219,000 Yuan (over Rs. 23 lakh). It’s much higher than the income of a teacher, the career she pursued before she became a streamer.

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However, Feng Timo was also involved in some scandals, one of which is about her height. Many sources of news reported that Feng is only 120cm high. The beautiful streamer did not make any announcement about these rumors. But it does no matter to her. She is still the hottest female streamer in China now.

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