A beautiful Twitch streamer from Korea, known as 잉 (spoken as Ing), has got banned because of her offensive action on the mainstream. She took off and fixed her bra right on her live-stream. Check out this story here and see if she did it accidentally or on purpose.

Female Twitch Streamer Takes Off To Fixes Bra On Live-Stream

It seems that many streamers, especially girl streamers, are less shy to show off their body on the mainstream for fame. Ignoring the prohibitions of the platforms, they are willing to do many offensive actions on the mainstream. For example, some girls put off clothes or change clothes in front of the camera. Some pour soy milk over the heads. Some even do live-streaming while having a bath. As a consequence, all of them got banned after that.

She Pulled Out The Bra
She Pulled Out The Bra...
Took It Off
...Took It Off...
And Tried To Cover Her Bust After Realizing Her Wr
...And Tried To Cover Her Bust After Realizing Her Wrong Action.

And recently, a girl streamer from Korea with the nickname 잉 (Ing) also got banned due to a similar reason. This Twitch streamer taking off the bra to fix this underwear on her live-stream on Twitch. 잉 wore a sexy white shirt and showed off her hot bust. After a few minutes, the girl started to take off the bra to adjust her underwear in front of the camera. It seems that it’s not the unconscious and accidental action of the streamer. Because after taking her bra off, she kept talking with the camera and show it to her viewers.

This action violates the prohibitions of the live-streaming platform. Then, the streamer realized that she was doing wrong and try to cover her bust. She also covered the camera with a cloth after that. But it couldn’t help her avoid a ban from the platform distributor. It’s too late because a video clip cut from her live-stream spread out quickly on the internet. A ban for her is unavoidable and it’s a week since the last time we saw 잉 (Ing) on her Twitch channel.