TikToker Bryce Hall has recently revealed that he feels sick of his fans sending drones to stalk him.

Bryce Hall

No need to say how uncomfortable this TikToker feels when he becomes a victim of weird fans. It is incredibly impolite, and even illegal, to spy on others’ houses by drones or any other method while they aren’t criminals.

Bryce Hall has posted two tweets warning that these weird fans should stop stalking him, as well as stop violating his privacy. In the first tweet, he said that people should stop looking into his house by drones while the second tweet obviously expressed his great anger. He even swore that he would fly his drone to counter-attack the invasive drone if there was any other invasion.

It’s not hard to comprehend fans’ desire to approach their Internet personalities as close as possible; however, using a drone to invade others’ privacy is unacceptable. Even celebrities or online personalities need their own space.

It is obvious that these weird fans don’t care about the TikToker’s feelings. Who can feel happy about being stalked or spied on at home by a drone? Maybe no one.

In the past, celebrities might mainly receive fans’ awkward messages via their mails. However, everything now becomes much easier. There are a lot of ways to keep an eye on other’s private life, for example, via drones (like in the incident in question) or social networks. It’s great that social networks also offer a chance for us to learn how celebrities now have to face and how to prevent such similar situations from happening in the upcoming time.

The incident of Bryce Hall also reveals to us that fame always doesn’t go with happiness and comfort.

Speaking of Bryce Hall, the 1999-born American TikToker also works as a YouTuber with more than 32.8 lakh followers. His TikTok account collects about 167 lakh followers.

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