Apart from dramas and controversies, sometimes, sometimes you will be lucky enough to bump into sweet and beautiful stories on the largest streaming platform for gamers, Twitch. This time, it’s not a Twitch streamer but a mother who shines the spotlight. While Halo 3 streamer SD Socrates who was AFK while streaming, his mom took a chance to give his viewers a heart-melting moment.

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Mother of Twitch Streamer SDSocrates surprised his viewers with a sweet AFK moment

Without the awareness of her son, the mom sneaks into his chair, saying some good words about her son as well as sending her gratitude to his viewers who supported him all the time. The adorable mother also entertained SD Socrates’s viewers with a sweet song “You Are My Sunshine.”

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This is what his mother said while the streamer was AFK:

“Hey, hi everybody, I’m Cathy, I’m Sebi’s mom,” she began. “And I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for supporting him in his streaming endeavor. He’s super excited about it and I’m happy for him.”

Check out the full video here:

The best mother of the town also added at the end of her rendition that her little boy Sebi aka SDSocrates “will kill me” if he knows what she did. However, she managed to make her last great joke by telling his chat to ask him to make his bed and clean his room more frequently.

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SDSocrates’ Twitch
Twitch Streamer SDSocrates

The sweet and unexpected AFK moment from SDSocrates's mother has won the internet. Many players have gushed into the video saying how surprised they were seeing his mother singing on Twitch. Some people wished that their parents and be as understanding and supportive as this sweet mother is. SDSocrates’ Twitch favorite game is Dungeons and Dragons so if it’s also your cup of tea, follow him so you might meet his cute mother by chance.

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