A Mukbang Youtuber and a Playboy model are two completely different professions. You won't be able to find any sort of connection there. But recently, Gu Yashazi, a beautiful Japanese Youtuber has bridged the gap between these two careers.

Gu Yashazi 1
Gu Yashazi is a Japanese Mukbang YouTuber

In more detail, a Japanese Mukbanger by the name of Gu Yashazi caught the attention of Playboy, courtesy of her flawless beauty. The world-famous adult magazine was quick to send a warm invitation, asking her to be an exclusive model. And in response, Yashazi took no time to sign the contract.

Gu Yashazi 2
The beautiful YouTuber garners quite a fan base

The story may be a little bit different if Gu Yashazi was just a normal Mukbang YouTuber. Yet, her angelic appearance and super hot body really make her stand out from the crowd. Fans come to see her Mukbang videos not just for the tasty foods, but also for her beauty as well. Some even say she's the highlight that draws a tremendous amount of views and likes.

Gu Yashazi 3
She now focuses on modeling

Playboy magazine approached the YouTuber immediately after discovering her potentials. Recently, Gu Yashazi took some time off from making videos and pay more attention to modeling. She participated in the after participating in the Best Body Japan 2020 contest. She has crowned the runner-up for the most beautiful model title as well as the 4th prize for the most beautiful body.

The beauty pageant was just what Yashazi needs to boost her name in the modeling industry. Playboy magazine was one of many that contact, asking the YouTuber to be their model.

Gu Yashazi 5
She has signed with Playboy magazine

Currently, she focuses more on modeling but still keeps making Mukbang videos for YouTube. But it seems like some of her fans are not happy with this decision. They want Yashaziple to dish our constant videos as before. However, the rest of her fan base proves to be more supportive.

Gu Yashazi 7
Some fans are not happy with her decision

For them, seeing the gorgeous YouTuber in scorching snaps always tops any Mukbang video. Let's take a look at some of Gu Yashazi's hottest pics.

Gu Yashazi 8

Gu Yashazi 9

Gu Yashazi 10

Gu Yashazi 11

Gu Yashazi 12

Gu Yashazi 16

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