If you are familiar with the streaming industry, you might have heard of viewbotting. In case you don’t know, viewbotting is a term used to describe a fraudulent activity found on multiple streaming platforms. 

Many platforms sort streamers by the most concurrent viewers to the least concurrent viewers. Hence, having a high number of views will certainly pump you up to the top of the list, as a result, attract real viewers to their channels. They also use view botting as a way to boost their videos’ views.

According to our sources, many popular Indian gaming streamers on YouTube have used viewbots to boost their views at some point in their career and some of them are still doing that until now. Viewbots have been an issue for quite a while, but it is still quite a shock news to hear about it as it includes some of the high profile streamers in the Indian gaming community.

Some big streamers use the service on a regular basis, but several others only use it on certain livestreams or specific videos. There are plenty of options you can choose in the viewbotting market and the payment will depend on how you would use the viewbots for. Many services require a monthly subscription fee and here is the pricing page of one of the service providers. 

Why viewbotting is bad

To many of you, using viewbots might sound like a harmless thing to do and it doesn’t do any harm to anyone. However, it is not only a type of fraud, but there are multiple reasons why you should consider it a bad thing. 

First, it costs advertisers money. Many companies put ads on streaming or other platforms, expecting real people to see it. With view botting, there won’t be any real eyes watching ads, only robots.

Valkyrae Youtube
Valkyrae reveals to her viewers how much she monthly earns on YouTube.

Secondly, viewbotting also gives viewers a false impression. Many top streamers actually put hundreds of hours and commitment on how to deliver the best experience to their viewers. That is not the case for viewbotting. All you need to do is paying for the service and your name will be at the top of the gaming category page. It means a streamer can easily reach the top without providing entertainment value or skill. It is like pay to win for streaming.

If this issue keeps happening in the Indian gaming scene, it will certainly paint a gruesome picture for the future of the scene. Hopefully, those who are taking advantage of viewbotting would stop and come clean to their audience before it’s too late.

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